I need help to handle with the following complex case:

The case is that we have some Kit items and each Kit item consists of some components like the following example:
Product "A" is a Kit item consists of 2 sub-items "B" and "C".
In the packing slip, I want to deliver the sub-items "B" and "C" because "A" is not existing in my warehouses.
But in the invoice, I want to post the invoice for only "A" and I don't want to show B or C in the invoice, because the customer don't know the components but he make a deal with me to buy only the Kit item.
So, my question is "Is there a standard solution that let me making the packing slip for the components and make the invoice for the parent item in the same sales order?

I read some articles about phantom BOM but when I tried it and exploded the BOM components, this allow me to make the packing slip for the components but I can't make the invoice for the parent!

I'm looking for you help.

Thanks in advance