Four Student Hires at Best Practice"The students are highly motivated, and after their experience with the practice semester, I know if they will be a good match for our team."

- Jörn-Arne Körnich
  Director, Best Practice IT Solutions GmbH

Pictured: Mr. Körnich (far left) with the Four Student Hires at Best Practice IT Solutions GmbH

Fachhochschule Dortmund (FH Dortmund) is a Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance member and university in Germany that is engaging with local Microsoft Partners to better prepare students for careers in Microsoft Dynamics following graduation. FH Dortmund partnered with Best Practice IT Solutions GmbH to create viable relationships connecting students at the university with business professionals for a sneak peek into the life as a consultant.

The partnership between FH Dortmund and Best Practice IT Solutions began after Jörn-Arne Körnich, Director at Best Practice, gave a presentation for a group of students at the university. In his presentation, Mr. Körnich described the Microsoft sales strategy, the Microsoft Dynamics strategy, and the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as well as discussing the ins and outs of the consulting industry – specifically focusing on the practice of new consultants at a Microsoft Partner. Following the presentation by Mr. Körnich, Dr. Martin Hesseler, professor at FH Dortmund, opened up the conversation to introduce a lecture series on Microsoft Dynamics at the university. As students were captivated by the topic, Dr. Hesseler and Mr. Körnich believed it would be beneficial to create a new class on Microsoft Dynamics, in which Mr. Körnich would teach the students.

As a lecturer for the new class at FH Dortmund, Mr. Körnich teaches students for 4 hours per week throughout the academic school year. Within this timeframe, he is able to construct a solid foundation of knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In addition to forming the next generation of consultants and developers of Microsoft Dynamics through a series of academic programming, participation, and performance, he is also building his own team at Best Practice by offering an opportunity for students to join his team. Best Practice IT Solutions GmbH’s next generation consultants include Jonas Risse, Carla Sendt, Tobias Blietz, and Patrick Marciniak, who were all hired between 2013 and March 2016 from FH Dortmund.

In order to meet these goals, Mr. Körnich designed a lecture around the topic of “ERP in Production.” By focusing on the needs of midsize companies, the course teaches student how to categorize companies, separate the requirements of each category, and learn how those requirements are solved within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. At the conclusion of the course, the students are able to successfully work with the production module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV by implementing small developments into the module for any midsize company.

Besides the classroom experience, Mr. Körnich provides an additional opportunity for his students called a “practice semester.” Essentially an internship, this challenging experience takes the material from the course and transforms it into applied knowledge by working with real-life examples and situations. The internship is not only challenging, but competitive as well. The motivated students who go the extra mile to engage with the material are the ones who are highly encouraged to apply for the internship program.

Mr. Körnich ensures that the next generation of consultants at Best Practice are highly qualified individuals by setting up the opportunity to prove themselves during their internship. Mr. Körnich does not automatically hire all participants of the internship program. Instead, the interns must work hard and exemplify how they will enforce the company and be a valuable addition to the team. Since 2013, Best Practice has hired one consultant per year from the internship program, totaling four student hires from FH Dortmund. Though Mr. Körnich has hired one participant per year from the internship program, this is not necessarily a strategy, and he hopes to expand these efforts in the future. Mr. Körnich is thrilled to hire new graduates because they are enthusiastic to jumpstart their careers, and he can teach them to reach great success by utilizing the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Best Practice IT Solutions GmbH is a Microsoft partner located in Germany. The company uses Microsoft business solutions at the aim of using technology and many years of experience to benefit their customers.  The focus of Best Practice is therefore lean enterprise solutions based on proven standard software products. Best Practice not only draws on a profound ERP know-how, but has a knowledge base in many other Microsoft products and services as well. The customers of Best Practice work in all different types of the production industry, but mainly in the production and trade of beverages, such as breweries.

Fachhochschule Dortmund (FH Dortmund) is a university in Germany and a premier-level member of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. FH Dortmund provides students a competitive advantage in the job market through classroom experience with the latest Microsoft Dynamics software used every day by more than 350,000 organizations and thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide. Find out more about the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance by visiting