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CanGrow Property on Reports

When working with RDLC report layouts, there are many different properties available to aide in customization. This blog post will focus on CanGrow and how we can use it to expand to display all of its contents, or restrict its size. CanGrow is a ...

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Labels in Business Central Development

Labels are string constants that can be translated into multiple languages. They can be used for things like captions, descriptions, questions, error messages, or other text constants. Labels have a specific syntax, which includes a text constant,...

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Working with the Date table in Business Central

If you are working with reports that need to display dates in chronological order, you might be tempted to create a separate table just for that purpose. For example you might want to show the actual and planned production output for each day, wee...

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Contributing to Microsoft Docs for Business Central

After writing my last blog post BC23 Rich Text content on Reports I was asked if I would consider doing a small pull request to the Microsoft Learn docs article that details how to use rich text content on RDL report layouts for Business Central. ...

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BC23 Rich Text content on Reports

My most recent project has large footers being added to the bottom of their reports to display Terms and Conditions. This is something fairly common that is requested, and I’ve always shied away from hard-coding anything inside the report la...