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Dataverse – ERD

Creating a Dataverse ERD, Entity Relationship Diagram, is a good way to document and explain the structure of your Dataverse data model. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The Power Platform does not have any tools […] The post Da...

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Audit Logs – Synapse Link for Dataverse

Dataverse has great out of the box auditing capabilities. Configuring the tables and columns you wish to audit is simple. Users have the ability to access the audit history for a record directly from its form. Audit logs consume log […]

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How get your location in a Model-Driven App

Did you know you can create Model-Driven apps to run on mobile devices with offline capabilities? This functionality recently went GA . You now have the ability to operate Model-Driven Apps using Power Apps mobile on your mobile device. When [&...

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How to monitor Power Apps Mobile

Previously I used Power Apps monitor to identify problems in Canvas Apps when they were running in a web browser. While this is useful it is not much help if a user is getting an issue running your app on […] The post

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Application Insights – Power Automate

If you using Power Automate flows in critical business applications it is vital that you know when any errors occur. This post explains how you can use the Power Platform Admin Centre Data Export option in conjunction with Azure Application [...

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Formula Column – Synapse Link for Dataverse

A Dataverse formula column is a dynamic column whose value is calculated using a Power FX formula. Similar to Calculated fields, a Formula column does not store data its value in Dataverse. Instead, the Power FX formula is executed whenever [...

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Power Platform Analytics – SQL

If you have started to try out the Microsoft Power Platform self-service analytics you might have noticed some  inconsistences in the formatting of Json files it creates. Most of the files are created in ndjson format but a few resemb...

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Dataverse Region

When you create a Dataverse environment it prompts you to select the region where you want it created. This is the datacenter region and the url of your environment indicates the datacenter regions where it is located e.g. ind...