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Update only cost center from given ledger dimension using X++ in D365 F&O

This code snippet allows you to change certain dimension values as needed and provides you with the updated ledger dimension. MainAccount mainAccount= LedgerDimensionFacade::getMainAccountFromLedgerDimension(_accountingDistribution.LedgerDimens...

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Create a custom approval workflow in D365 F&O

 This is a step by step procedure to create a custom approval workflow. STEP 1 : Creating a workflow template To start with creating a workflow, we need to first define it’s type/template. Know more about workflow types/templates : https://tech...

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Posting picking list through X++ Code in Dynamics 365 F&O

  public static void generatePickList(SalesTable salesTable)     {         SalesFormLetter salesFormLetter = SalesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::PickingList);         TransDate transDate = DateTimeUtil::date(DateTimeUtil::utcNow()); ...

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Get sales line tax percent to calculate GST / TAX on sales line in D365 F&O

private Percent calcSalesLineTaxPercent(Salesline  _salesline){    TaxOnItem       taxOnItem;    TaxGroupData    taxGroupData;    TaxValue   ...

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Auto confirm purchase order confirmation through X++ code in D365 F&O

                     //Auto confirm the purchase order.          &n...

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Enabling and disabling flight in Cloud Hosted VM, Sandbox and Production server in...

 if you want to disable the flight in cloud hosted VM's then you need to run below command in SQL by replacing your flight name in place of <FlightName>. The "_KillSwitch" is important because this indicates turnin...

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Get party contact information based on the role type through X++ in Dynamics 365 F&O

 Get any party contact information based on the role type. // PhoneaddressDetails = DirParty::electronicAddressLocatorsByRole(Di...