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Order Tracking for Finished Production Orders in Business Central

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Order Tracking for Finished Production Orders in Business Central
In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, production orders play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, guiding the transformation of raw materials into finished products. However, users often encounter a challenge once a production order is finished: the "Order Tracking" button at the line level, used for tracking the link between the production order and the source of demand disappears.

Understanding Order Tracking
The "Order Tracking" feature in Business Central is designed to track the source demand of the items being produced. Once a production order is finished, the situation changes. The "Order Tracking" button is no longer available at the line level for the completed production order. This change can be confusing, but it happens because the order tracking data (also known as reservation entries) is transferred from the production order to the Item Ledger Entry.

To track finished production orders, follow these steps:
Go to the "Item Ledger Entries" page in Business Central.
Find the specific Item Ledger Entry corresponding to the produced item.
You will notice an "Order Tracking" button here. This button contains the order tracking details that were previously associated with the production order line.
Item Ledger as a Central Hub: Utilize the Item Ledger Entries page as your central hub for tracking finished items and their allocations, ensuring you maintain visibility over your inventory post-production.


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