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Tackle Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Data with ease this Holiday Season!

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Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Data

As the festive season approaches, businesses are gearing up for a period of increased activity and heightened data demands. From managing customer interactions and inventory levels to tracking holiday shipments and ensuring timely delivery, businesses rely heavily on their data to navigate the holiday rush. However, the accumulation of data, especially during peak periods, can lead to a host of challenges.

The Data Dilemma

Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Data

The Christmas holidays are a time of heightened consumer activity, resulting in a surge of data. This influx of data includes incoming leads from multiple sources, customer interactions, sales transactions, marketing campaign data, and more. While this increase in data is expected, it can also lead to duplicate data.

Duplicate data refers to multiple copies of the same data element that exist within a system or across different systems. The presence of duplicate data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can have detrimental effects such as:

  1. It can hinder data mining and analysis, as duplicate records obfuscate the true state of business operations.
  2. It can create operational inefficiencies leading to inaccurate decision-making.

Real-World Scenarios

To illustrate the challenges of duplicate data, let’s consider a couple of real-world scenarios faced by businesses during the Christmas holidays:

Scenario 1:

Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Data

An online retailer is experiencing a surge in customer traffic during the holiday season. As new customers create accounts and place orders, duplicate customer records are created due to inconsistencies in customer data entry and the lack of data validation processes. The presence of duplicate records leads to confusion in order fulfilment and customer service, resulting in delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Scenario 2:

Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Data

A toy manufacturer is struggling to manage its inventory levels during the peak holiday period. Due to the high demand for certain toys, the company is receiving multiple orders for the same items. However, the lack of data integrity and the presence of duplicate orders led to overstocking of some items and understocking of others, resulting in stockouts and missed sales opportunities.

DeDupeD to the Rescue

DeDupeD is a data deduplication solution that efficiently identifies, eliminates, and prevents redundant data, ensuring data accuracy, and easing data management. It works for out-of-the-box as well as custom entities. You can easily detect duplicates within the same entity or across entities, define your own custom detection rules and much more.

Let us see one by one what are the benefits of having DeDupeD within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  1. Real-time duplicate prevention

Prevent duplicate records from entering the CRM system, both on the client side and server side. Whether you are manually entering a record, or records are being created automatically in your CRM through any workflow, no need to worry about duplicates as you can create your own custom duplicate matching rules to prevent them.… Read More »

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