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Tuesday Tip #7: Tips for Creating a New Forum Post

Shikha Thakur Profile Picture Shikha Thakur Community Manager
Greetings, Dynamics 365 Community!
Today, in our Tuesday Tips series, we're spotlighting efficient practices for posting questions in the community.
To save time and receive precise responses from your peers:
  1. Log in to your community profile.
  2. Search in the community global search: Find existing answers by entering your question or keywords in the community global search box. (Guide to Community Global Search)
  3. Utilize filters such as category, status, and sorting options like date or recent replies.
  4. Ask a new question: If you don't find an answer, post your question. Some may take longer to answer due to complexity.

  5. Autosuggest: When typing a new question, check suggested threads for similar relevant information. Icons indicate suggested and verified answers.
  6. When writing your question, please keep the following in mind:
        - Subject line: Keep it concise (5-10 words) and specific
        - Description: Clearly outline your problem with details and optional images
        - Formatting: Use bold, italics, links, and bullet points for clarity
        - Category: Select the appropriate dropdown category for your question

  7. Things to avoid:
        - No ads, product/service promotion, or job postings
        - Start a new thread for each question
        - Avoid ALL CAPS; it's considered impolite

        - Skip unnecessary phrases like "Please Help" or "Urgent"
        - Don't share emails publicly - connect privately
        - Report trolling or spam - use the report-abuse option on threads

Also, when your question is answered, remember to mark the answer(s) as verified to help others in the future. 
We trust this will enhance your question-posting efficiency, ensuring swift community responses. For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact us at Community Support.
Stay engaged, informed, and inspired within our community! Happy exploring.


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