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One of the features in Dynamics 365 is the rollup field type where you can perform aggregation and calculation of data in a parent record based on child records.

You create a rollup field by adding a new field, choosing the field and data type, and building the logic for the calculation.

One of the important consideration of a rollup field is the frequency of its calculation where, for each entity that contains a rollup field, a recurring system job will be automatically created in order to calculate the rollup field. This calculation is done asynchronously based on a frequency set.

By default, it is set to 1 hour, however, you can change this frequency by following the below steps.
  1. In the environment, go to Settings page and under Audit and logs menu, click on System jobs
    rollup field 0

  2. Choose the view All Rollup Fields Calculation Jobs and open the calculate rollup fields job which contains the entity name. For this article, the entity is account.
    rollup field 1

  3. Open the Job and click on Actions -> Modify Recurrence
    rollup field 2

  4. In the Modify Recurrence page, adjust the frequency as per needed and click OK
    rollup field 3

On the other hand, you might have scenarios where you need that the calculation to be done immediately, therefore, you can force the calculation of a rollup field using JavaScript or C# as per this article

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