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Is it possible to search for a CRM record using its GUID ?

Well, NO it is not possible and YES it is possible!!!

As always has been, it is not possible to search for a record by its guid in Advanced Find and in the Quick view search.

However, in the model-driven app Edit filters functionality, it is possible to search for a record by its Guid.

How it works, let's check the 3 different places where we can search for a records.
  1. Advanced Find search
    Using the Advanced find feature, you cannot put a GUID value to search for. You will directly receive an error notification eventhough when you download the fetchXml, the Guid of the record will be there.
    Guid search 1

  2. Quick view search
    Using the search box on top of the view, you can enter a GUID value, but you will not have any data in the result since it will search for the guid value within the columns selected in the quick find view.
    Guid search 2

  3. Edit the view with advanced filter queries
    Using this functionality, you can search by GUID for a record and it will be automaticlly reflected in the search criteria if the record with the specified GUID exists in the table.
    Guid search 5

    Guid search 4

    Guid search 3

Hope This Helps!

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