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Auto-populate Leads from website to Dynamics 365 Sales - Zap Email Parser App

Many online businesses have web forms that visitors fill-in such as contact forms, registration forms, survey forms etc. When user fills-in such forms… the website (eg WordPress Forms plugin) generates a well formatted email with all data from the form and sends it to the administrator.

Below is one such sample email:

Full Name: Nick Cary
Company: Zip Mart
Job Title: Sales Manager
Phone: 571-353-8437
Country: United States
City: Herndon
Requested Demo: Yes
Comments: We need help in setting up Helpdesk App using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Service module
How did you hear about us: Microsoft Appsource

To extract this information to a create new lead in PowerApps / Dynamics 365 for Sales… you can use a third party solution / add-on like Zap Email Parser App!

Zap Email Parser App (which sits within your Dynamics 365 tenant and works locally) can automatically parse / extract email data to create NEW LEADS! All you got to do is create few parsing rules:

A Parsing Rule is a collection of simple instructions which tell our algorithm what kind of data you want to pull out from your emails. Typically you’ll create multiple parsing rules, one for each data field inside your email (e.g. customer name, company etc.).

Sample parsing rule to extract the field “Company name” and populate field would be as follows:

Destination Entity: Lead
Destination Field: Company
Data Source: Email Body
Start Position: Text Match After
Start Position Text: Company:
End Position: End of Line

For more detailed explanation of parsing rules refer Zap Email Parser App knowledgebase.

Once you setup the parsing rules, all emails received to this configured Queue would automatically be parsed to create new leads. No more manual data-entry!

For more details, check out Zap Email Parser App features page.

To view all Dynamics 365 apps, check-out our homepage:

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo!

Zap Recent Updates (July 2024)

1. New Version Released: Zap PSA Time Entry App (Track Time against Cases): Track and log time spent by support agents on cases directly from Case form (either using built in Timer functionality or manually add Start & End Times or duration)!

2. New Version Released: Zap Helpdesk App (v68.0.1.9) :”Quick Response” feature added to Dynamics New Email Form – allowing agents to compose email faster by auto-populating recipients, subject & body. (link)

3. Completely Revamped: Zap Attachment Viewer (with drag-and-drop) (v29.1.1.9): This release doubles the features available earlier!!! Some of them are Improved UI, gallery view with Image Zoom-In / Zoom-Out, rename file names, delete attachments, 1-Click Actions: attach to email / Zip & Attach to Email / Attach to New Note / Zip & Download etc,  View attachments from related records etc.

4. New Version Released: Zap Copy Record App (v
– Now CLONE Field Service Work Orders in 1-Click (link)
– Now schedule a record to be CLONED at a later date e.g. creating recurring opportunities (link) ; creating recurring maintenance cases (link)

5. New Version Released: Zap Notifications App (v
– Now generate even Push Notifications! (link)
– Send In-App Notification when User/s are mentioned in Timeline of any record (link)

6. New Version Released: Zap Report Scheduler App (v 2 new monthly scheduling options added. e.g. schedule report for FIRST Monday of every month / Last Friday of every month / First of every month / Last date of every month etc (link)

7. New Version Released: Zap Email Parser App (v Support for creating multiple parsing rules for same field. Example: Email address from within email body could be extracted by searching for labels: “Email:”, “Email Address:”, “E-Mail:” etc. Now you can create multiple parsing rules for same destination field.

8. New Version Released: Zap Calendar Pro (Team Calendar + Map Any Entity Data to Calendar):
– Display activities in Team Calendar – color-coded by Owner. (earlier you could display activities color-coded only by activity type).
– Ability to set any event (custom entity) as recurring.