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Why do we use ERP Systems?

BillurSamdancioglu Profile Picture BillurSamdancioglu 13,216 Super User
We use ERP Systems for "Decision Making"

For this purpose we use the reporting functionalities.
Which type of reporting functionalities that we can use in Dynamics 365 FO?

Print Reports/Inquiries: Operational reports that can be printed and/or sent to Excel.
Financial Reports: with UI, users can easily create their self reports use Gl transactions.
Workspaces: with UI, users can see and create their own tablix and graphic reports.

Business Performance Analytics: New reporting tool, like Workspaces but more effective in reporting

Business Performance Planning: BPP is not just for reporting but also for planning purposes.

Key features
Strength of Power Platform Objects, Power BI and Dataverse. 7 custom visuals to use.
Power Automate and other Microsoft Power Platform capabilities can be used for notifications, workflows, custom fields, and much more.
Easily create budget planning or forecasting scenarios and versions to facilitate an agile planning process.
Effortlessly create, update, or delete data in dimensional tables through bulk editing capabilities. Therefore, this visual helps save time and reduce effort.