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{Customer Insights} Scale your business with confidence with 300M maximum monthly interactions

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to share my thoughts on Scale your business with confidence with 300M maximum monthly interactions on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Let's get's started.

Certainly! Dynamics 365 Customer Insights now offers an impressive capacity for businesses, You can reach million contacts or leads and send up to 300 million messages per month in real-time journeys.

This expanded capability empowers you to deliver personalized experiences at scale, delighting customers in new ways. Whether you're expanding your customer base in new markets, reaching additional geographics, promoting new products, or aiming for higher targets these additional interactions will help you grow your business.

Here are the key features:

1. Increased Reach: You can now engage with up to 100 million marketing contacts, which is more than three times the previous limit of 300 million contacts. These marketing contacts include those you interact with through channels like emails, SMS, and push notifications.

2. Enhanced Interaction Volume: Deliver up to 300 Million interactions through various channels, including email messages, SMS, push notifications and custom channels. This is a significant increase from the previous outbound interaction limit of 100 million.

3. Segmentation: Create segments with up to 100 million marketing contacts, allowing you to target specific audiences effectively.

4. Near Real-Time Engagement: Engage with customers in near real time, with a 30 second response time for single step customer journeys.(Please note that the actual message delivery time vary based on factors like the recipients email server and the chosen message sending channel).

This enhanced capacity enables you to scale your business confidently, providing seamless experiences to your audience. 

That's it for today.

I hope this helps.

Malla Reddy Gurram(@UK365GUY)

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