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Microsoft Dynamics GP U.S. Year-End Update 2023 RELEASED!!

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The 2023 - U.S. Year-End update has released for Microsoft Dynamics GP!!

As a reminder, these updates are ALL inclusive of prior patches.  This is especially important for GP as it will include the October 2023 release (18.6) so make sure you test your upgrade, customizations, 3rd party/ISV solutions and business process to verify everything is working as it should.

You can install this update at any time (yes even NOW) when you are ready, this is why we release early to give you ample time to install and test the update with your environment.

We are now on Microsoft Learning, very exciting!!  Review U.S. Payroll specific documentation and install steps.

All you want to know about year-end changes by module, check out the 2023 Year-End Blog Series

Review the year-end pages below for detail list of changes, documentation and downloads.

Below is a list of changes in this update.  We do recommend customers to install this update based on the required year end changes and quality report fixes below.

There are NO table changes in this update, just fixes for the product and regulatory updates.


The 18.6 October DVD has been replaced due to a version problem with Web Services. 
If you are upgrading customers that use web services, download the updated DVD 

If you use Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP, do not install the US Year end update or use the November DVD image as an issue was found.  You can use the October DVD image and wait till the Canadian Year end releases mid-December 2023 for a new install.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version18.6.1695) (Includes October release 18.6.1685)



The below items have been changed in this update:

Web Services 18.6 install issue with version check - Download FULL DVD noted above.
Payroll Self Service Timecards with Delegate Type only Group of 999 do not honor past pay periods or future pay periods.
Payroll Benefit Flat Tax roll down does not work from setup.
Payroll add the Employee Suffix field to print on the W-2.
Quantities incorrect on Sales Order item when it is partially transferred to an Invoice that is later voided.
Sales Order Processing the defaulting Doc Type to Short or Long Form causes E-mail button to disable on SOP Entry window.
Payables 1096 when you print for NEC type the Total in Box 5 should only include the Box 1 amounts, we are including more than that for NEC type.
Payables 1099-MISC will now default to Box 3 versus Box 8. Thank you GPUG community feedback in October 2023!! RESULTS 😊
IV00109 Item Serial Number Mask table is deleted if a user rolls down an Item Class in Item Maintenance before selecting an Item Number.
Project Accounting may crash GP when creating PA Reports Menu Items at login.

Regulatory / Year-End specific changes:

1. Fixed Asset Luxury Auto Depreciation changes.
2. Payables 1096 Summary 
3. For the 2023 year, it is imperative you file electronically.  The Taxpayer First Act mandates electronic filing of IRS forms including W-2s
Beginning in 2022, if you send 100 or more W-2s / 1099’s you must send them electronically.  In 2023 that limit is lowered to 10!!!!
The IRS is pushing for a business to file electronically, W-2, 1099, etc. Dynamics GP does not file Payables 1099's electronically.
Review this blog to help you prepare for 2023 year-end and electronic filing!
Microsoft Dynamics GP: 1099 Changes to expect -Get ready for Year-end 2023!!

Download links:
Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Packs

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