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Migration to UCI : Ribbon button not visible / Hidden , Debug Entity Ribbon application command bar using command checker

While the transition to new UCI, We might have seen a few ribbons (OOB or custom) would not be visible in UCI and we checked every enable disable rule nothing looks wrong, and in legacy, its working fine, In this post we will check how we can debug each button i.e which display , enable rule or action failing on a button

There is a new command available in UCI to help us troubleshoot the ribbon, It will show Button Properties, Command Properties like Action, Enable Rule, Display rule, and the best part is we don’t have to install any tool or enable anything.

We just need to add these parameters in the entity “&flags=FCB.CommandChecker=true&ribbondebug=true”

  • It can be an entity

  • It can be a form

  • It can be Sub Grid


When we click on Command Checker

  • It Gives us all Buttons available in Command Bar with property Hidden with name

  • Clicking on Button, it will elaborate more on Button Property and  Command Property, Example in below we are checking why Activate button is hidden, and in Command Properties, we can see display rule resulted in false and we can check which condition failed

This is much helpful in this time where most of us are transitioning from legacy to UCI and get many buttons which are hard to identify why they are not visible in UCI but same in visible in legacy WebClient. Thanks


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