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Trigger Power automate using WebHook (Plugin Registration tool) and throw exception / response in real time

In our last 3 posts, we checked 3 different methods of triggering Power automate, Below are the links

In today's post, we will check 4th method of triggering Power automate flow using WebHook in the plugin Registration tool

As we know we can use WebHooks to creating external handlers for server events, like azure service bus  or any other web service.

in this post

  1. we will create power automate with action as ” when an HTTP request is received”
  2. Get HTTP Post URL, Will break the URL as URL and parameters
  3. Register a webhook using the plugin registration tool
  4. Register a step on the update of the account name.
  5. Adding the “Response” action in power automate to see exception in CRM using webhook

Check1: Create Power automate with Action "When a HTTP request is recived"

  1. Create Instant flow and select action “When a HTTP request is Received”  with Method as post and Payload generic

  2. Once Saved we will get the URL , copy the URL and Break it down as below to specify HTTP query parameter in webhook.

Check2: Register WebHook to trigger power atomate flow and Register an Step for acccount update

  1. Login to plugin Registration tool and register new WebHook with Below config and Http Post URL.

  2. Now Register new Step on Update of Account entity, field = account name.

  3. All Done, If we want to add some condition and throw an exception for any condition, we can do so by adding “response ” in  Power automate

It would be a kind of realtime exception even we know the flow is meant to be working in async.


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