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Automate scheduling for Field Service Reps with ‘Competency Allocation’ within Dynamics 365

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The world of field service revolves around efficiency. Every minute saved is a minute gained for more jobs completed, happier customers, and a healthier bottom line. But to truly be efficient often comes down to the intricate melody of scheduling, i.e. matching the right technician with the right skill set for the right job, and at the right time.

This balancing act can feel like a constant battle, especially with improper, impromptu, or traditional scheduling methods. But with changing times there are ways to automate this process, ensuring optimal skill-to-task matching and streamlined workflows.

The Characteristic-Based Auto Scheduling feature within Maplytics revolutionizes the way you manage your field service workforce.

Matching Skills to Needs

Gone are the days of relying solely on the proximity of the frontline worker for scheduling. Characteristic-Based Scheduling goes beyond just location data. It leverages the wealth of information stored within your Dynamics 365, specifically focusing on “Characteristics” – the field of Dynamics 365 Field Service that defines the unique skillsets and qualifications of the technicians.

This is the workflow

1. Defining the Technician’s “Characteristics”-

Within Dynamics 365, update incidents and characteristics fields that capture relevant technician information. This can be based on their certifications, experience levels, language proficiency, or even specialized equipment use and can be rated. Once updated, the characteristics relevant to all the bookable resources are updated within Field Service.

2. Intelligent Job Matching-

When a service request comes in, Characteristic-based Scheduling automatically analyzes the required skills for the job. It then matches this information against your technician database, identifying the most suitable technicians based on their defined characteristics.

3. Effortless Scheduling-

Maplytics takes the optimal technician matches and generates a draft schedule considering factors like, technician availability, client availability, location, and optimized routes. One can then review and adjust the schedule as needed, or simply approve and let the magic happen.

How is this beneficial?

Reduced Scheduling Time: No more hours spent manually sifting through workforce profiles trying to find the perfect fit. Characteristic-based scheduling automates the process, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on other priorities.

Improved First-Time Fix Rates: Matching technicians with the right skill set for the job leads to a higher chance of resolving issues on the first visit. This reduces repeat calls, minimizes customer frustration, and improves your overall service reputation... Read More

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