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How Dataverse and Microsoft Fabric powers Dynamics 365 insights | June 11, 2024

Explore the latest advancements in data export and integration within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Discover how the rearchitected services—Fabric Link and Synapse Link—can transform your data workflows, streamline processes, and enhance your analytics capabilities. 

Whether you’re a seasoned IT admin or a first-time listener, this session will provide valuable insights on upgrading from legacy services, leveraging AI investments, and optimizing your data management journey. 

Join hosts Milinda Vitharana, Jila Yadav, and Rich Black for an informative and engaging dive into the intersection of Dataverse and MicrosoftFabric with Dynamics 365.

Key Points:
Introduction to Fabric Link and Synapse Link:
•         Learn about the evolution from Data Export Service (DES), BYOD, and Export to Data Lake to the unified experiences offered by Fabric Link and Synapse Link.
•         Understand how these services simplify data export, enhance integration, and empower your organization.

Seamless Transition:
•         Explore the easy ramp provided by Fabric Link and Synapse Link.
•         Discover how to migrate from legacy services to the new architecture with minimal effort.
•         Benefit from improved efficiency and reduced end-to-end expenses.

•         Uncover how Fabric Link and Synapse Link leverage AI and Copilot capabilities.
•         See how they align with Dataverse and Microsoft Fabric investments.
•         Get a glimpse of future enhancements driven by community participation.

Cost and Benefits Estimate:
•         Gain insights from preview customer surveys.
•         Understand the high-level cost implications and benefits of transitioning to the new services.

Engage with Experts:
•         Access additional resources, information, and videos.
•         Join forums and weekly office hour sessions to connect with product teams, Microsoft specialists, and fellow users.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your data management strategy! Register now and be part of the data integration transformation.

Additional Resources:
•         Join our community on Viva Engage, provide feedback, and join weekly office hours by visiting 
•         Check out the updated Transition Guidance document published in the Viva Engage Group at Yammer.

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Agenda
02:13 Previous data integration patterns
04:23 Insights & data integration simplified
06:37 Link to Fabric deep dive
07:58 Demo
14:15 “Before solution”
17:33 “After solution”
20:06 Technical innovations behind the simplification
23:46 Simplification yield cost reductions
27:43 Link to Fabric simplifies data integration
29:21 Synapse Link deep dive
33:05 “Before solution”
33:45 After upgrading to Synapse Link
35:44 After upgrading to Synapse Link, you can still leverage Fabric
36:32 Technical innovations helping the upgrade
38:51 Upgrade yields cost reductions
42:03 Operational reporting cost comparison
43:39 Extend your investments by upgrading to Synapse Link
44:55 Known issues/Roadmap
48:04 Q&A
57:53 Closing comments
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