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Work hours calendar supports multiple recurrences in Dynamics 365 Field Service Schedule Board

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to share new feature which has been included in Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App.

Let's get's started.

Up to now we have only one work hour recurrence per resource, with this add new capability you can add multiple recurrences.

This is the value added capability for resource scheduling to meet your business needs while adjusting needs of  your workforce for employee retention and job satisfaction.

Advantages of the multuple recurrences are:

Adding the recurrences over a date range overwrites any previous recurrences settings.

With this update, dispatchers can now add as many recurrences as they want.

The newest work hours entry on a given day gets used.

Now you can:

1. Add multiple recurrences within a single day to represent different instances of recurring shift work, like morning, afternoon, evening shifts in a single day with different resources.

2. Have  overlapping recurrences within a week like a recurrence for Monday and Wednesday and a recurrence for Tuesday. Previously the Tuesday recurrences would have deleted the other entries. Now they can coexist alongside each other.

3. Input work hour events in different time zones, which is helpful for workers who travel. Previously the calendar supported only one timezone across all work hour calendar events.

This work hour calendar update is the first phase in the broader flexible resource location work scope.

In upcoming phases Microsoft adds  territory and start/end location entities to the work hour calendar.
allowing dispatchers to easily set up an adhoc or recurrence.

Note:  Flexible resource locations your opertion with support for staffing your team in different locations on different days, based on customer demand, you may need to send resources to different area. these may be local area or outside the country.

In some cases, resources may travel to remote area once a month and perform work in that area, or perhaps your team travels from customer location to customer location without having a home base.

May be resources pick up their parts at the warehouse every wednesday but start from their homes on other days, with date effective location support you can meet these variant location based demands, interacting with an API that allows you to change your resources location. This feature enables settings start and end locations by technicians daily by service managers, dispatchers or even the employees themselves.

That's it for today.

I hope this helps.

Malla Reddy Gurram(@UK365GUY)


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