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Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: Free Trial

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Dynamics 365 Remote Assist bridges the gap between reality and digital content with the goal of helping people to solve problems more efficiently and reducing the costs and challenges associated with remote work. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is available to try at no cost for a maximum of ninety days. To make use of this trial period, you will need to install the Remote Assist app from the Microsoft store on your HoloLens. HoloLens build 10.0.14393.0 is the minimum that supports the Remote Assist app, but I recommend using newer versions as they become available. HoloLens devices periodically check for system updates and automatically download and install them when your device is plugged in and connected to the internet but not in use, so if you are using an older HoloLens version then the Remote Assist app is just a quick update away.


Once the Remote Assist app is installed on your HoloLens you will need to sign in to Microsoft Teams using your Azure Active directory (Azure AD) credentials. If you do not already have a Teams account and an Azure AD account, the Remote Assist app will prompt you to create free accounts. After you are signed in, you can access any and all features and capabilities in the Remote Assist app with few restrictions. Remote Assist follows the Modern Lifecycle Policy with continuous service updates and major updates every six months so look out for new updates this April and in October.


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