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OOB Rich Text Html editor control now available only for Unified client control

Now we have out of the box Rich text HTML Editor control available with early access to 2020 release wave 2. Please go through more post on Release 2020 wave 2 from Nishant's Blog link below

As in out last post, we added an HTML and js Web resource to enable Rich text editor control to a field without importing any 3rd party Solution, please refer the link below if still wants it in the legacy app.

Click Here:

Now the good news is we don’t have to write or use 3rd party PCF control or solution to enable Rich-text HTML editor Control, this is enabled when enabling Early access to 2020 release wave 2. and there are many other post can be checked from Nishant’s sir post where he explained

  1. How to enable early access to 2020 release Wave 2: Click Here
  2. Check other Posts on release 2020 wave 2: Click Here

Once enabled the early access to 2020 release wave 2.

  1. Select the multiple-line text field, below we selected description field of Knowledge article
  2. Go to Controls and click add control, Select Rich Text editor control and ADD

  3. Select where to enable here you can see all devices are compatible and that’s due to the responsiveness of UI

  4.  Save and publish and field will be enabled with Rich-text HTML control.
    Note: only for UCI forms

References :

Posts on 2020 Release wave 2 – Dynamics 365


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