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A User Guide for Dynamics 365 Admins to boost productivity with integrated maps!

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A User Guide for Dynamics 365 Admins to boost productivity with integrated maps!

As a Dynamics 365 CRM Administrator, you understand the importance of streamlining workflows, maintaining security compliance, and empowering users. But what if you could unlock a hidden layer of location within data that could boost productivity across departments? That’s where Maplytics, a leading geospatial solution for Dynamics 365, comes in. By integrating maps with your CRM data, Maplytics empowers you to transform static information into locational insights, ultimately boosting your efficiency and the effectiveness of your entire CRM system.

The Power of Location Intelligence

Traditionally, CRM systems excel at managing customer interactions and data points. However, they often lack the crucial element of visualizing this data geographically. Enter location intelligence – the ability to leverage spatial data to gain deeper insights. Maplytics, the first Geolocation solution to earn the Prestigious ‘Certified Software’ Designation on Microsoft AppSource bridges this gap by seamlessly integrating with Dynamics 365 / Dataverse, allowing a user to

  • Visualize Customer Landscape: Plot your entire client base on a map, gaining a clear understanding of regional concentrations and customer distribution/ density with custom pushpins. This empowers informed decision-making about resource allocation, marketing strategies, and service coverage.
  • Optimize Field Rep Schedules: Gone are the days of manually plotting routes and juggling spreadsheets. Maplytics generates optimized routes based on travel time or distance, ensuring field reps can cover all the scheduled clients in a day and within time. This translates to increased productivity, reduced travel time, and expense, and improved customer service.
  • Streamline Territory Management: Maplytics empowers you to define territories based on postal codes, cities, or even custom-drawn shapes. This allows for balanced territory distribution amongst sales reps, ensuring all areas are covered effectively.
  • Gain Real-Time Visibility: Track the location of field personnel in real-time, allowing for better resource allocation for ad hoc requests, faster assistance in case of emergency, and improved response times. This can be particularly valuable for service technicians or sales reps visiting clients on-site.
  • Identify Trends and Patterns: Heat Map Analysis provides a visual representation of data density on a map. This allows you to identify areas with high customer concentration, sales opportunities, high annual sales, or service requests​​​​​​​...Read More

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