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Product Configurator v3.9: Streamlining BOM and Routing Creation in Business Central

In the intricate manufacturing world within Dynamics 365 Business Central, the challenge of efficiently generating accurate quotes and orders is compounded by the complex and error-prone process of creating Bills of Materials (BOMs) and routings. These essential components, crucial for the backbone of manufacturing operations, often lead to time-consuming manual work, inaccuracies, and a lack of flexibility to meet customer-specific needs or adapt to product design changes. Product Configurator v3.9 addresses these challenges within Dynamics 365 Business Central, streamlining the creation of BOMs and routings to enhance manufacturing efficiency and accuracy.

CPQ Limitations of Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central, while robust, exhibits gaps in its native capabilities, particularly in efficiently managing the complexities of BOMs and routings for manufacturing operations. Users and VARs (Value Added Resellers) often grapple with these limitations, leading to a reliance on third-party applications to bridge these critical gaps.

Such apps are sought after for their ability to streamline and automate processes that Business Central doesn’t fully address, highlighting the essential role of external solutions in enhancing the platform’s functionality for the manufacturing sector.

Upgrade to Product Configurator v3.9

The Product Configurator app from Insight Works for Dynamics 365 Business Central has long stood as the go-to solution for users and VARs, tackling the complex challenges of manufacturing processes. The Product Configurator app is recognized for its ability to streamline the creation of Bills of Materials (BOMs) and routings. The app offers a seamless experience in generating accurate quotes and orders. With the latest update, the app further refines the efficiency and customization capabilities essential for modern product configuration management.
Key enhancements in the recent update of Product Configurator v3.96 include:
  • Create Item Attributes: Automatically transfer configuration option choices and quantities directly to item attributes, allowing Copilot AI marketing text and attribute filters.
  • Visualize Configured Items: Create images of configured items for use on the Item Card, quotes, or orders.
  • Load Previously Quoted Configurations: Import previously configured items, including quotes, into new configurations, streamlining the reordering process.
  • Automate Option Choice Comments: Streamline the creation of item comments from option choice comments when using smart item numbers, simplifying documentation tasks.
  • Define Fixed BOM Quantities: Configure fixed quantities for production BOM lines through a calculation formula, enabling more accurate material planning.
  • BOM and Routing Version Support: Cost calculation logic uses the active version of production BOMs and routings, ensuring accurate unit cost calculation for options.
  • Enhance Configuration Extensibility: New events boost the flexibility for extending the creation of production BOMs, routings, and assembly BOMs, enhancing custom development capabilities.
  • Access BOM Designer Rules in Extensions: New methods allow custom extensions to trigger rule logic directly, improving customization and integration potential.
Embrace the power of efficiency with the Product Configurator app for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the latest updates, the app is essential for any manufacturing operation looking to streamline BOM and routing processes. Take a step towards optimizing your production workflows by contacting your Microsoft Partner or visiting Discover the difference the right tools can make for your business today.


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