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Demystifying Copilot with Sundar Raghavan | Dynamics 365 Shorts


Welcome to our brand-new Dynamics 365 shorts series, "Demystifying Copilot", where our host Charles Drayton will be asking industry experts the burning questions directly from our amazing Microsoft Community. 


Our first guest is Vice President of Products AI First Customer Service, Sundar Raghavan, who took the time to take our 30-second challenge and explain the difference between Copilot for Service and Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.     


To learn more about the latest Microsoft innovations in Copilot and AI, why not click the link below to register for the Microsoft Business Applications Launch event which kicks off at 9am PST on Wednesday 10th April 2024! 



And remember there’s lots more tasty tips and resources over on the Microsoft community website. Just click the link below to sign up, explore, and connect with thousands of other users just like you. 



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