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Route Optimization using maps with Dynamics 365 for Field Reps – Save Time, Fuel, and probably a client!

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Route Optimization using maps with Dynamics 365 for Field Reps

Being punctual for a client meeting is one of the most crucial goals for sales and service field reps. It is a common business problem that field reps spend more time in traffic and traveling than in meetings and appointments with clients or leads. The key to increased productivity of a frontline worker is to reach more clients with a pre-planned appointment schedule, optimized travel time, reduced mileage consumption, and fuel cost.

Many of our clients often give feedback that the sales and service field reps using Route Optimization on maps integration in Dynamics 365 CRM is one of the most used and helpful features. It not only allows them to Save Time and fuel but a prospective client as well!

Let’s dig deep to see how!

Maplytics goes a step further than other route optimization apps by helping sales reps save and share optimized routes within Dynamics 365 CRM with colleagues and clients via email. In addition to this users can add multiple appointments to this sales route planner within Dynamics 365 in a single click from the map itself. Further, users can access those Navigation Links to visit those waypoints and get turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps, Waze App, or Apple Maps on their mobile or tablet devices. If a client cancels a meeting due to unforeseen situations, Maplytics helps sales reps find another customer along the route or within proximity and redirect the travel route accordingly.

In addition, it also helps Sales Managers with route mapping in Dynamics 365 for their Sales Reps and provides a bigger picture of their Sales Territories by managing and optimizing day-to-day travels. All this and many more features clubbed together form Maplytics – a certified software app on Microsoft AppSource. Maplytics integrates maps effortlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules Sales, Customer Service, CRM, Field Service, and their mobile apps.

To help users be productive at every stage of route planning and optimization, let’s see how Maplytics in Dynamics 365 CRM can change the way you travel on the field-

Save and Share Optimized Route from within Dynamics 365:

There are several scenarios where office sales managers book appointments within Dynamics CRM using Auto Scheduling, while field representatives have to visit these customers. Coordination between field salespeople and office sales managers plays a crucial role in such situations. Maplytics can help in such situations with its Save and Share route functionality. This functionality enables Dynamics 365 users to save scheduled routes as a Dynamics CRM activity, which can be shared through email as well. This way, office sales managers can schedule multiple appointments with customers, create an optimized route for it, and share that route in Dynamics 365 with their associate field salesperson via email.

Add Multiple Appointments to a Route in a Single Click:

To help users be productive at every stage of route planning & optimization, the Team has added an ‘Add to Route’ mass action.

Route Optimization using maps with Dynamics 365 for Field Reps

With the addition of the ‘Add to Route’ mass action, when Sales Managers plot the routes for the day for their reps as per the appointment schedule within the Dynamics 365 route map, they can simply use the ‘Add to Route’ mass action and add the data points to the route one after the other, with a single click. Origin and Destination can also be specified in this way.

Find Customers on the go using the Along the Route Search feature in Dynamics 365 CRM:

Maplytics users can perform a proximity search to find nearby records with a specific travel distance or time. With ‘Along the Route Search’ they can find new clients/ leads along their travel route, plan a meeting as per their availability, and add it to their schedule.

Sales & Field Service Reps now have a Better Control on their Route Planning within Dynamics 365 CRM:

Along with Route Optimization, saving and sharing routes has become necessary for every sales and service professional. Maplytics makes it easy with data plotted on the map and the records to visit with the optimized route in the directions card… Read More »

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