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UCI How Dynamic URL work in UCI with some additional application mode parameters

Explaining Unified client interface URL Parameter and how it dynamically change the value while navigating to different pages

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – UCI Dynamics URL parameters
01:32 – Unified client Interface URL Explained
03:16 – Cmdbr or command bar
03:54 – NavBar or Navigation Bar
04:23 – Create a power automate the flow
06:39 – Get Environment URL in Power automate
08:19 – Create Dynamics Record URL in ms Flow
10:31 – Add dynamics URL in Email

One of the Interesting thing in UCI is the way URL changes while navigating between pages examples

If we navigate to Entity form PageType = Entity , ent=logicallname , ID = guid

If we Navigate to Entity List PageType =EntityList , ViewID =GUID

If we navigate to Dashboard PageType = Dashboard with ID

As per the above image, the URL contains 3 parts

  1. URL of Environment: when we talk about the dynamic Record URL it should also consider when we move from UATto production we should not change it in the Production manual it should automatically take the URL of to
  2. App ID: Each App has it unique Id if you want that Entity to open in a specific App we need to Define it in the URLappid = GUID
  3. CMD Bar: CRM Bar is the bar where we navigate throw cmd buttons. We can remove/add-in from window by putting cmdbar= false/true

  4. NavBar: This is the Blue bar of CRM where we navigate app and entity history, We can Remove/add in form window by setting navbar=on/off

  • PageType: it is used to define type of page , Example pagetype=dashboard , pagetype=entitylist , pagetype=entity  E.T.C

  • ENT: ent stands for Entity where we define the name of entity example account, contact, incident in our case
  • ID: this defines GUID unique id of the page type or entity we want to retrieve data for example if we  using pagetype= Dashboard it will need GUID of Dashboard

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