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Community May 2024 Newsletter

Bret Fraser Profile Picture Bret Fraser Community Manager

Welcome to the May 2024 newsletter, where we showcase the latest news and events from across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and beyond while highlighting the amazing work of our outstanding Microsoft Community members. Stay up to date every month and subscribe on LinkedIn here.


There was a lot of big news at Build 2024, but we are especially excited about this announcement from Nirav Shah! Click the image below to read all about how you can unlock new levels of productivity with Microsoft Dataverse (featuring #Dynamics365) and Microsoft Copilot Studio. 💡

And Mike Morton shares this insight into how Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you work smarter! At a time when nine out of ten people want simpler ways to automate daily tasks, Copilot helps to free time so employees can focus on their most meaningful work.

Click the image below to read the article and discover new ways to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and unlock creativity. 🔑🔓

The new Microsoft #Dynamics365Community site keeps getting better. Have you visited lately? Community Managers Bret Fraser and Scott Dodds share some of the great new features in the latest update to the Community Blog:

🌟 Refreshed Landing Page: The landing page has been updated to provide new ways to view, find, and filter blog content.

📚 Enhanced Blog Menus: Topics, Blogs, and local blog search menus are now available on each blog, making it easier to navigate.

👀 Featured Posts: Featured posts are now prominently displayed at the top of the blog.

👍 Improved Search: The search functionality now targets content within the blog and offers additional search filters.

Click the image below to try out the new features for yourself! 😊🚀

Have you visited the Dynamics 365 Community YouTube channel recently? 📺

With all-new content posting several days a week, from #TechTalks to our popular "Demystifying Copilot" series hosted by Lydia Williams and Charles Drayton, where Microsoft leaders Georg Glantschnig, Lori Lamkin, and Sundar Raghavan have just 30 seconds to answer the big questions from our Community, there's always something to discover. ✨

Click the image below to check out what's new on our YouTube today!

Upcoming Events

TechCon365 & PWRCON - Seattle - June 3-7, 2024

📣 FINAL CALL 📣 Join this incredible lineup of Microsoft speakers at next week's TechCon365 & PWRCON in Seattle, June 3-7, 2024! 💡 We're excited for Nirav Shah's keynote and the #D365 Track with great content from Geoff Ables and Mihaela Blendea.

Join Mark Kashman, Omar Shahine, Adam Harmetz, Karuana Gatimu, Dan Holme, Heather Cook, Chris McNulty, Trent Green, Bradley Gussin, Tom Resing, Michelle Gilbert, John "Jay" Leask, Max Fritz, Ben Truelove, Jeremy Thake, Fabian Williams, Marc Windle, Dewain Robinson, Pawan T., Yogi Naik, Leon Welicki, Ilya Grebnov, and many other amazing leaders and MVPs for an incredible time of learning and community.

There's still time to register. Just click the image below and we'll see you there!

For more events, click the image below to visit the Community Days website.

Community Highlights

This month's Community Spotlight shines on Valentin C., with huge thanks for all his contributions to the #D365Community. Click the image below to read about his accomplishments!

Don't forget to check out our Community Leaderboard for May 2024. These hardworking members are posting regularly, answering questions, and providing top level solutions in their communities. Great work team! Congratulations to Jun Wang, YUN ZHU, Martin Dráb, Saurav Dhyani, Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi, Valentin C. , Gerardo Daniel Rentería García, Layan Jweihan, & Waed Ayyad, for leading this month!

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