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Power Automate with Azure OpenAI Services to analyze Buyer Behaviour – an AI app by Inogic!

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Power Automate with Azure OpenAI Services

Azure OpenAI is a cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that provides access to advanced artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI. It empowers developers to integrate these powerful models into their applications without requiring extensive expertise in AI development or infrastructure management.

Inogic aims to transform the way businesses function by developing advanced AI-driven applications with integrated AI Models provided by Azure OpenAI for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. The Team offers to develop functional applications for businesses helping with interactive client conversations, virtual assistance, content generation and translation, report analysis, buying assistance, end-to-end management, and more!

What Inogic Offers?

Inogic Offers –

Consultation & Development of Applications

Team Inogic’s AI experts craft bespoke AI apps that integrate seamlessly with your business, boosting sales and efficiency. They unlock hidden potential and transform it into powerful engines driving conversions and optimizing workflows.

Configuration Setup to accommodate them

Our proactive team closely monitors and maintains your AI app, guaranteeing optimal performance and adapting to evolving business needs. We’re reliable partners throughout the app’s lifecycle, readily available for any questions or fine-tuning.

Reporting and Analysis Assistance

Inogic leverages Azure OpenAI’s power to create cutting-edge reporting applications. These applications utilize predictive analytics and intelligent visualizations to anticipate market shifts, automate reports, and extract valuable insights from complex data.

Decision-Making Setup

Team Inogic harnesses Azure OpenAI’s algorithms to build AI-powered decision engines. These applications analyze complex data, uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, and suggest optimal actions, paving the way for automated and data-driven strategic decisions.

Azure Open AI Application developed by Inogic – Buyer Behaviour Analysis

In the bustling world of business, understanding your customers is key to success. But deciphering their true feelings can be like trying to read tea leaves. That’s where Team Inogic stepped in, armed with a revolutionary solution: an AI-powered application that listens beyond words, analyzing sentiment for enhanced sales and deeper customer relationships.

Imagine a world where every customer interaction, from emails to chat messages, becomes a window into their emotions. This is the magic of Inogic’s application. Powered by the invisible hand of Power Automate, it seamlessly extracts comments from client conversations, feeding them into the Azure OpenAI Services. This powerhouse of AI then analyzes the sentiment hidden within, categorizing it as negative, positive, or neutral.

Azure OpenAI Services

The results? A treasure trove of insights displayed right within your CRM and individual client accounts. Each interaction is visualized on a timeline, painting a clear picture of the customer’s emotional journey. This allows you to see not just the “what” of their communication, but the crucial “why.”

Armed with this newfound understanding, sales teams can now predict with greater accuracy whether a client is likely to convert and become a long-term partner. This empowers them to tailor their approach, addressing concerns, fostering positive interactions, and ultimately strengthening relationships.

But the benefits extend far beyond sales. By identifying negative sentiments early on, customer service teams can proactively address issues, preventing frustration and fostering loyalty. This proactive approach builds trust and strengthens the bond between your business and your customers.

Inogic’s sentiment analysis application is a testament to the power of AI in transforming customer relationships. It’s not just about technology; it’s about harnessing the power of listening to truly understand the hearts and minds of your customers. In a world where genuine connection is paramount, Inogic’s innovation paves the way for a future of deeper, more meaningful interactions, ultimately leading to sustained success...Read More »


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