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NAVUG Summit Nashville: The Mic is Warmed Up!


This year Dynamic Communities commissioned vibrant artwork for NAVUG Summit Nashville from digital artist Punchgut. This artwork is inspired not by Dynamics (the software), but by YOU - the dynamic community of users and partners who bring the intention of this tool to life. We are releasing a new element from this one-of-a-kind, energetic piece every month. Did you miss last month's cowgirl feature? 

We are excited to introduce the September NAVUG Summit custom artwork element: The Microphone! 

In this fourth and final sneak peek of our custom artwork we unveil the Microphone. Why? Because this is your chance to use your voice. We’re going to be in Music City, so it makes sense to hand you the mic, right? It’s more figurative than literal, but it represents the unique opportunity we all have to provide solutions that shape the future, while skyrocketing our learning curve with our community.
This artwork is:

  • Bold: Like you and the work you contribute to across the board, our custom art doesn't pull any punches. It's bold and confident, like you are when rocking your skill-set in Dynamics.
  • Current: Our artist, Matt Mastrud, also known as Punchgut, is a preeminent, provocative artist who's shaking up the art scene in America. And Dynamics' just-now reporting ensures that you're showing your bosses and colleagues you know what's happening today-and what's next.
  • Fresh: Once you have a chance to meet your peers and pals who have their hands-on Dynamics, you'll find new ways to get things done in your organization. After all, who could have imagined that an artist would be so inspired by a tool made by Microsoft? This conference gives you new ways to sells your skills and prove your value across your org. We promise.

In summary, we wanted to create a piece of art work that embodies who our members are, attendees and Dynamic Communities are and what the NAVUG Summit conference represents. When you boil it down, it's all about you! Our attendees. Our attendees who attend NAVUG Summit to learn, network and to engage on all things Microsoft Dynamics. Our attendees who represent a truly vibrant community of subject matter experts who have this plethora of knowledge that is bubbling out of them which they want to share and learn more about.

Bring your questions and karaoke voice, and Register now for the rowdiest Dynamics conference around. 




At Dynamic Communities, we love and thrive off bringing this community together. Our goal is to make your conference experience one to remember and, like we said, we wanted to try to create a piece of art work that would embody all of this, and by golly, we think we nailed it! Find out more about the artist here:​​​. 


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