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How to filter Application Explorer?

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Filtering Application Explorer
We always use filtering in Application explorer to search for elements inside AOT but there are a lot of  useful regular expressions that we can use to help us in finding what we are looking for faster. And in this article, I'm going to show you the different things you can do while filtering in your D365FO development environment.

Normal search:
If we simply type CustTable, we are going to get all elements that contains the word "CustTable". Whether CustTable is at the beginning, mid or end of the word

Contains filter

Begins with
If we want to filter for all elements that begins with "CustTable", then we can use ^CustTable

Begins with filter

Ends with
If we want to filter for all elements that ends with "CustTable", then we can use CustTable$

Ends with filter

If we want to filter for elements that exactly contains the word CustTable, then we can use ^CustTable$. Where "^" means it starts with and "$" means it ends with

Exactly filter
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