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Tuesday Tip #2: Suggested and Verified Forum Answers

Shikha Thakur Profile Picture Shikha Thakur Community Manager
Welcome to our series, "Tuesday Tips," where we shine a spotlight on a different Dynamics 365 community feature each week. Today's tip is - what Suggested and Verified forum answers are and how to label them.

While providing accurate answers in the forum is crucial, marking them as Suggested and Verified is just as important for the community. This not only aids others later in finding the right solution for the same question but motivates individuals to respond for the satisfaction of helping, and increases the reputation ranking of active members (badges, leaderboards, points, etc).

Suggesting answers
When crafting your response to a forum post, you have the option to select the "Make reply to a suggested answer" checkbox.
Remember the following guidelines when deciding to label your response as a suggested answer:
  1. Do not mark all your responses as suggested answers. Only mark responses with a potential resolution.
  2. Do not copy/paste another member solution as your own (e.g., another forum response or a blog article). Instead, link to that content, allowing both you and that contents author to receive credit for the answer.
  3. At the end of your response, consider asking the original poster to promote your response as a verified answer if it does solve their question. It is common for the original poster to be unaware of this capability, but it's a crucial step in promoting verified answers in the community.

    Example text to use at the bottom of your reply could be something like:
    “If this helped you, I would appreciate it if you would mark this as a Verified Answer, which may in turn help others as well.”
When replying to a question, the responder has the option to label their response as a suggested answer. Multiple responses can be designated as suggested answers. Forum questions containing suggested answers are indicated by a circular icon featuring a question mark.
How to Suggest an Answer

When replying to a forum post within the quick response text area, follow these steps to propose a solution:
  1. Click Reply
  2. Check the "Make reply a suggested answer" checkbox:
        3. Type your answer into the text area.
        4. Click the "Post" button.
If you are responding to the forum post with the rich text editor, perform the following steps to suggest an answer:
  1. Type your answer into the rich text editor.
  2.  Check the "Make reply a suggested answer" checkbox
      3. Click the "Post" button.
Verifying Answers
When someone replies to your forum question with a suggested answer, you'll notice a box beneath their response that asks, "Does this address your query?" After clicking it, the page will refresh, and the response will be officially recognized as a verified answer, appearing in the "Answers" section. Verified answers are valued assets of the community.
Verified Answers
After a response is marked as a suggested answer, the original poster (who asked the question), employees, moderators, or administrators may update the response to be a verified answer. Forum questions with a verified answer are noted with an icon of a green box with a check mark in it.
How to Verify an Answer
Perform the following steps to verify an answer:
  1. Locate the response already marked as a suggested answer.
           2. In the "Does this answer your question?" area at the bottom of the response, click the "Yes" button.
           3. The page will refresh, and the response will now be marked as answered and displayed in the answered column on the forum question.

Your commitment to marking the verified answers, along with suggested answers, greatly enhances the forum's value and assists the community. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us - Community Support

Learn more about Suggested and verified forum answers

Stay engaged, informed, and inspired within our community! Happy exploring. 


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