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Can You Answer This? | July 9, 2024

Bret Fraser v- Profile Picture Bret Fraser v- Community Manager

Hello from your Dynamics 365 Community team!

Your fellow community members need help (currently 291 unanswered questions in the last 7 days) – can you share your expertise and make someone’s day? 😎

🔎 Here's how:
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  1. View all recent forum threads:
  2. Change the 'Sort by' filter to 'Date'
  3. Change 'Status' filter to 'Unanswered'
Alternatively, go a desired forum, and make the same filter updates to see all recent unanswered questions in that forum.
Also, be sure to ask the original poster to mark your suggested answer as the Verified Answer if it solves their problem – this helps others find your answer more easily!

Thank you for all you do to make the Dynamics 365 Community an amazing and helpful place! 👍


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