Hello Team!

Business Central 2020 release wave 2 give us a new possibility. If we only want to pass data from BC to CDS - now we don't need to create Entity in CDS. We could use existing APIs as virtual entities in it.

Probably you could want to read my previous articles about CDS Setup and Replicating BC data to CDS.

So let's start. This procedure is much more easier and not required any coding from your side (hurray from Consultants).

1. You need CDS environment. If you don't have it - check here how to create new one.

2. Go to App Source for the brand new Business Central Virtual Entity App - https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/microsoftdynsmb.businesscentral_virtualentity?tab=Overview

It's installing on your CDS environment (not to BC).

3. Check that installation completed on Dynamics 365 Apps tab in environments:

4. Open Business Central  and there open AAD Applications page:

Here you need to change State parameter to Enabled (disabled by default).

5. Now turn back to CDS environment, open Entities tab, Set filtering to All entities and open Business Central Virtual Data Source Configuration entity:

Choose Data tab:

Select Business Central and press Edit Record :

Here you need to input your BC Environment name and after that - find your company from Default company drop down. APIs are company related, so here we must choose the company. After that press Save and Exit:

6. Turn back to Entities tab, find and open "Available Business Central Entity" entity:

Choose Data tab. Here you'll see all your APIs. Standard and Custom:

Select the API you want to use as Virtual Entity and press Edit Record. Set Visible mark on it and press Save and Exit:

7. Open Entities tab in CDS and find your API as new virtual entity:

8. Open it, look at fields:

9. Press Data, set View all fields and you'll see records from API as Data:

Now you could create new Power App based on this virtual entity

That's really cool and easy to setup. Try to do it by yourself!