In support we receive many questions on how the update process works in Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding this topic.  We will continue to update this list.

1. How many updates happen in Business Central SaaS?

There are 2 types of updates that happen in Business Central SaaS.  

Minor – These are typically done once a month.  These would include product fixes that should not break the service.

Major – We typically have 2 updates per year.  For example, for 2019 we had 2 major releases Wave 1 (April) and Wave 2 (Oct).  These can include additional product fixes as well as product enhancements.

2. Do I have the option to schedule updates for Business Central?

Minor – These updates typically happen once a month. You won’t be able to schedule these updates, but the update will use the Update Window that is set in the Business Central Admin Center (Example: 12:00:00 AM - 6:00:00 AM).

Major – Once the Major update is available, administrators will have the option to schedule the update.  This is done the in Business Central Admin Center where the user can set the specific date and update window they would like.

3. How can I be notified once an update is available?

In the Business Central Admin Center there is a Notification Recipients section.  Users in this window will be only be notified when the Major updates are available.  The user is also notified when the update has been applied in Major/Minor updates. 

4. How much time do I have to postpone updates (minor/major)

Minor – These updates cannot be postponed.  The updates will happen automatically during the Update Window you set in the Business Central Admin Center.

Major - You have the option to push major updates out 30 days once they are available for scheduling.  This schedule can be set in the Business Central Admin Center. 

5. How can a Customer/Partner/CSP be proactive in testing Extensions prior to minor/major releases?

ISV/Partners have the ability to evaluate our code builds via docker images we make available.  Depending on how often they would like to test the code they can get updated code daily, weekly, or monthly.

We do test the apps that are on AppSource to make sure they are compatible and send a message to those ISV’s, so they should know what is coming regarding the update.

6. How close is the Business Central SaaS code to Business Central On Prem?

While we do not release the Business Central SaaS code, the source code for the On Prem version is basically the same.  There are a few differences – these correspond to features we only light up in SaaS.

7. Is there an option to test out the Major builds prior to release?

Yes.  Typically, a few weeks before we release, we allow for the creation of Sandbox environments on the new major build.  At this point, you will only be able to create a Sandbox environment on the Cronus company (Test Company). 

8. Globally what is the upgrade process in Business Central SaaS?

For our major releases, we deploy the upgrades based on the schedule setup in the tenant’s admin center.  If that is not defined, then the production data and sandboxes will be deployed by region in batches until all the remaining non-scheduled tenants are upgraded.