OK.. so using NAV 2018 or Business central:

- We have 2 warehouse locations, CENTRAL and OFFSHORE

- OFFSHORE is handled by an external company that offer their services to us. We have no employees in the OFFSHORE warehouse.

- When we register a purchase order, we always receive items at the offshore location. Then when we need this items in CENTRAL, we do a transfer order.

- We need to know what stock we have at OFFSHORE

Our problem comes with tracking. Items come with a QR code that includes Lot No. information. As we don't have staff at OFFSHORE, we cannot read this QR codes when receiving purchase orders with tracking information, so we need to send transfer orders withouth tracking information and receive them with tracking information.

The solution we have is to do a reclassification after receiving the items, but this is time consuming. I guess we have to do a customization in order to do this reclassification automatically, but was wondering; is there any standard way of doing this without customizations?