Have you ever read about a new feature, or noticed in the latest Update rollup (UR) a feature, or even a fix, that didn’t really made a lot of sense to you!?  Working with enterprise customers I actually get to see the logic behind some of these, however still not all of them.

Every time I’ve 3 features to talk about I’ll blog about it, this time I’m talking about:

  1. Option to remove Track in CRM button/menu - UR10
  2. CRM 2011: Quick Find Optimization - UR10
  3. Mail items from Outlook Explorer are not promoted when the items are opened in the background - UR7


1 - CRM 2011: option to remove “Track in CRM button/menu” –UR10


You cannot disable the Track in CRM buttons and the Track in CRM shortcut menu entry. The Track in CRM buttons and shortcut menu entry should have a configurable option.




Some people see the track button as an answer to a very important scenario. That is, I want to accept the received e-mail as part of my system, but I don’t want to assign it as soon as I receive it. I’m going to assign it later in my business process.  A common example is an email received in a queue where a customer rep will later pick it up and work on it.  When that happens, then it will be assigned.

Others see it as unneeded functionality.  For them, there is no meaning of tracking an email if it’s not assigned to something in CRM.  Otherwise it’s an orphaned record, incomplete information, or it cannot be processed further if it doesn’t have that piece of information.  A common example is a request to support a certain product for a company that has many products.  If upon receipt it’s not assigned to a product, it can’t be further processed.

For the latter scenario if you want to disable the functionality of “just track”, then make sure you apply UR10.  Set the value of OverrideTrackInCrmBehaviour to 1, which will make the track button function like the “Set Regarding” button.  So regardless what button is clicked user will have to assign a record if they are going to track the email.  Remember to use supported method to change the setting, such as using the OrgDBOrgSettings Tool.


2 - CRM 2011: Quick Find Optimization –UR10


A-    When you perform a quick find, you experience slow performance.




With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 10 (UR10), the implementation of Quick Find functionality has been updated to better take advantage of indexes and the SQL query engine to provide better performance.  For the most part, we recommend leaving this setting at the default (on) after installing UR10 or above as performance should improve with this setting.  However in rare cases, disabling this setting can provide benefits in certain environments. The new Quick Find query structure can be disabled with an OrgDbOrgSetting - specifically by setting the value of the EnableQuickFindOptimization setting to 0.Remember if you are going to use the setting, use supported method to do that. (Ex: OrgDBOrgSettings Tool).


B-     Enable Quick Find record Limits


You can manage it from the interface (Settings | Administration | System Settings | General Tab)


Another Quick find optimization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR10 introduces a new option in System Settings, “Enable Quick Find record limits”.  This setting can help to improve performance by protecting the system from runaway queries. For example, with this setting enabled, if a user performs a Quick Find search that returns 10,000 or more records, rather than presenting the user with the search results, the system will alert the user with the following message:

Quick find limit exceeded. Please use a more selective search value, or use Advanced Find for your search.

If users need to regularly use Quick Find to search for records which will potentially match over 10,000 records, this setting can be disabled.  However we recommend leaving this setting set to “Yes” and instead use Advanced Find for these type of queries.

For more information about the Quick Find functionality, view the "Optimizing the Performance of Quick Find Queries" section of the Optimizing and Maintaining the Performance of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server Infrastructure


3 - CRM 2011: Hotfix email items promoted from Outlook Explorer will not promote when opened in background. – UR7


Mail items from Outlook Explorer are not promoted when the items are opened in the background.




The issue is when the user tries to promote an Email from Outlook while it’s opened in a separate window, nothing really happens, and no response is actually thrown at the user.  For example, a user opens an email message from Outlook in a new window.  Then, prior to closing that window, they return to Outlook and the email window gets hidden behind other windows.  Back in Outlook, the user tries to promote the same email to CRM.  Since the email is already opened in another window, nothing actually happens and there is no notification to the user. Having the VerboseErrorsOnPromoteToCRM option turned on (1) will display an error message to the user informing them that promotion can’t be done because the item is already opened, which clears a lot of confusion. This option is off by default. (Value: 0) Remember if you are going to change the setting, use a supported method to do that. (Ex: OrgDBOrgSettings Tool)


That’s it for this episode, more to come  .

Thanks to Great help and contribution by Ryan Anderson.