Use Case:  You have set up Azure AD B2C and you want a custom Company Logo on the Sign In/Sign Up page, in addition you want a user’s first name and last name passed to Dataverse during registration.

Where should I do the branding?   In the Azure Portal, there is a section where you can apply a custom background page and a company logo with a simple point and click.

Things to Note

  • In this scenario, we need images not custom code to apply our Branding
  • Images have specific re: height/width ratios
  • Images have size limits re: file size
  • You’ll need permissions in your Azure Portal to apply the branding.

Where should I manage custom attributes?   This is a two fold process, first in the Azure Portal inside our user flow we identify the attributes we want to pass to Dataverse ‘contact’ on registration.  Then we ‘map’ those attributes in the Portal Settings inside ‘’

Attribute Mapping Notes

  • Azure User Flow -> User Attributes
  • Check box on front page of user flow
  • Don’t forget: Azure User Flow -> Also add as application claim
  • Tip: Run User flow and get JSON to see attribute name
  • Tip: Remember in Dataverse mapping Azure = Dataverse