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Dynamics 365 and Power Platform at Microsoft Ignite – March 2-4, 2021
Virtual Microsoft Ignite is here – It has tones of contents on the future of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, capabilities and roadmap.
  • Connect with experts.
  • Engage with your global community.
Access On-Demand content
Check out a curated list of sessions here.

Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event – April 6, 2021
Get an in-depth look at the new features and capabilities in the 2021 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform on April 6.
Here are the key dates and roadmap for the 2021 release wave 1. 

Power Apps 2021 Wave 1 Preview Release is now Available | UI features enhancements
 The Power Apps Release Wave 1 for 2021 is available for you to enable in your environment ahead of the April rollout. 
We have a number of new features that will modernize your end users’ model-driven app experiences.
 Check here to opt-in your environment into the 2021 release wave 1 for:

Check this page on Power Apps blog to learn about few enhancements that will increase productivity for your end users:

Modern Search

Mobile Enhancements:

  • Mobile Optimized list views
  • Sub grid and form tabs
  • Business Process Flows in Mobile

Modern Experience for End Users

  • Duplicate detection
  • Merging Records
  • Multi-line text control in Quick View Forms 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Windows comes with Offline Access in Public Preview
Learn more from the instructions on  this page on Power Apps blog how to accomplish actions below:
  • How can you enable offline for a model-driven app?
    • Create an offline profile in the admin portal
    • Enable mobile offline
  • Customize the app in the Power Apps model-driven app designer

Power Apps Mobile | Introducing Power Apps mobile app’s new look | Public Preview
Note : Customer engagement apps (such as Dynamics 365 Sales Apps and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Apps) don't run in Power Apps mobile. Instead, you use the Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets apps. More information: User Guide for Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets.
We announced the public preview of the new app selection and discovery experience for Power Apps mobile. With the new look, there now exists a home page to access your commonly used content and a navigation bar to easily navigate through the app.  
Check this page of Power Apps blog to learn more about the new experience.
  • Personalized Home Page experience
  • Favoriting and pinning apps to home screen using gesture controls
  • Find all your apps in one page

Power Apps Mobile | Run model-driven apps and canvas apps on Power Apps mobile
Note : Customer engagement apps (such as Dynamics 365 Sales Apps and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Apps) don't run in Power Apps mobile. Instead, you use the Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets apps. More information: User Guide for Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets.
  • When you create an app, or someone shares an app with you—either a canvas app or model-driven app—you can run that app on iOS and Android devices by using Power Apps mobile.
  • If you're on a Windows device, you can only run canvas apps; model-driven apps aren't supported on Power Apps for Windows.
  • Also, Power Apps for Windows isn't supported if you have the Power Apps per app plan.
App type
  •  If you want to we create an entirely separate icon on our phone that will open your desired app with one click, learn more about this functionality here  and more on Microsoft docs website. 

Power Apps Mobile | The new search experience for model-driven apps is now also available on Mobile
  • In November 2020, usability enhancements and core improvements to relevance search were introduced on the web.
  • These additions make information discovery fast and easy. 
  • We are now bringing this experience to mobile.  
  • These improvements include:
    • A user-friendly search experience and smart suggestions during search.
    • Ability to Search from any page in the app.
    • Recent searches and recently accessed records will show on the search page
    • Suggested results as you type 
  • Additional Enhancements coming to search in March 2021:
    • Results page, Filtering your search results. 
Review the documentation for more details.  
With Relevance Search and 2021 release wave 1 preview enabled, you can try out all these capabilities. 
Learn more on this page on Power Apps blog.

Dynamics 365 Sales App | Sales accelerator brings digital scalability within reach
We’re introducing sales accelerator, a digital selling capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. 
Sales accelerator helps sellers work faster and smarter with:
  • A prioritized work list of the next best lead or opportunity
  • Allowing to engage through the customers’ preferred channel with integrated email, phone dialer, and a Microsoft Teams channel (coming soon)
  • Watch a demo or take a guided tour to see how Dynamics 365 Sales can empower your sellers with actionable insights. 
  • For more technical details, check out our blog to “Enable digital selling with the sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales.”

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) |
V9.1 On-Premises update brings the latest version of Unified Interface
  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Version 9.1 On-Premises is coming in Q2 2021.
  • In March 2021, we will publish the dates on when they will become available so you can plan your upgrades. 
  • This release contains major updates to the Unified Interface with improved performance and a host of new and updated usability features.  
  • Upgrades from Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 8.2 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 9.0 to version 9.1 will be supported for customers to take advantage of the latest version of Unified Interface. 
What’s New for Unified Interface in on-premises ?
  • Unified Interface uses responsive web design principles to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation.
  • Whether you are using a browser, tablet, or phone, you will be able to consume similar experiences.
  • With this release, features and improvements that were previously only available online will now also be available on-premises, such as:
    • Enterprise Sales usability enhancements
    • Improved data management with record sharing, bulk edit and merge capabilities
    • Timeline usability enhancements
    • Agent productivity enhancements for knowledge capabilities
    • Case routing rules
    • Advanced Find
    • Hierarchy view
    • Improved navigation experiences
    • Main form dialog editing experience for queue items
    • Hybrid experiences like Sharing
    • Personal views 
Recommendation for D365 On-Premises Customers
  • Now is a great time to start planning and preparing to transition On-Premises deployments to Unified Interface for Model-driven apps from the legacy web client, and to take advantage of these major improvements! 

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) |
On-premises data gateway February 2021 update is now available
Here are sone of the highlights in the February 2021 update release:
  • Azure Cosmos DB connector renamed from DocumentDB to Cosmos DB on Gateway
  • Compatible with February PBI desktop
  • .Net Framework Update
  • Deprecation
  • Kerberos single sign-on (SSO) to SAP BW using gx64krb5
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO) to SAP HANA using OpenSSL 
The following issue has also been resolved:
  • In a Flow, when using an action where fields change dynamically if any change was made in the source of the connector, it was necessary to restart the gateway to clear the cache to see the changes. 
Learn more on the update here on Microsoft Power BI Blog.  

D365 Online | Deprecations | Most recent deprecations with deadlines in 2021
IE 11 support for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform is deprecated
  • In line with already public Microsoft 365 and Azure DevOps announcements, you probably have received  a message in the Message Center announcing we will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) after August 17, 2021.  
  • This will impact customers who use Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform products that are designed to be used through an Internet Explorer 11 interface.  
  • After August 2021, Internet Explorer 11 won't be supported for such Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform products. We recommend that customers transition to Microsoft Edge. 
For the complete list of products impacted by this change and transitioning from Internet Explorer 11 to a supported browser, see: FAQ: Internet Explorer 11 deprecation for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform Products.
Low-density headers in model-driven apps won't be supported with the 2021 release wave 2
  • With the upcoming 2021 release wave 2 (public preview in August 2021 and GA in October 2021), the low-density header option, and runtime experience won't be supported in model-driven app forms. 
Refer to the Microsoft docs to understand Why is it needed and Action required.
Form footers in model-driven app won't be supported with the 2021 release wave 2
  • With the upcoming 2021 release wave 2 (public preview in August 2021 and GA in October 2021), form footers won't be supported in a model-driven app form.
Refer to the Microsoft docs to understand Why is it needed and Action required.
App Source: Deprecation of Attachment Management Add-on for Dynamics 365 using Azure Blob storage
  • Attachment Management solution is a popular add-on feature to Dynamics 365 Sales/Customer Services to manage notes and email attachments using Azure blob storage.
  • Enables business users to optimize use of Dynamics 365 Sales/Customer Services storage and retrieve files on-demand through Dynamics 365.
  • This solution is built on Dynamics 365 and seamlessly works on Dynamics CRM 2016 and above.
By June 2021, this solution will deprecate from App Source.
  • Recommended to move Default Dataverse File storage by providing Consent in Blob storage settings page for the existing Users of this solution.
  • Once the Consent accepted by the Customer then all the solution related Create/Update Plug ins will be disabled and start move all the new notes/activity mime attachments to default file storage.
  • Product team will start migrating the old attachments to Default File storage in back end.
  • Additional details are available here.
Refer to the document for next steps.
Organization data download filters for mobile offline are deprecated
  • Effective February 2021, Organization data download filter option that filters the data when you set up mobile offline are deprecated.
  • We recommend that you start preparing your organization and move relevant data filters from Organization data download filter to the offline profile option, which lets you determine what data will be available when users work in offline mode. 
For more information, see Create a mobile offline profile.
Once the old filter criteria has been moved to offline profile, you can clear or delete the filters set in Organization data download filter.
TLS RSA cipher suites are deprecated
  • Beginning March 1, 2021, customers can only use our standard cipher suites. This change impacts your clients and servers that communicate with our servers, for example, syncing emails from your Microsoft Exchange server, running outbound plug-ins, using native (local) clients to access our servers. 
Customers must upgrade their servers before March 1, 2021. For more information about configuring TLS Cipher Suite order, see Manage Transport Layer Security (TLS).
Dynamics 365 Home is deprecated
Dynamics 365 Home users will see notification about the new location and recommendation to change browser bookmarks starting October 1, 2020.
Deprecation of Office365 authentication type and OrganizationServiceProxy class for connecting to Dataverse
  • Effective April 2021, the authentication protocol will be retired for all new environments within a tenant.
  • Effective April 2022, the authentication protocol will be retired for all new and existing environments within a tenant. 
  • Effective February 4, 2020, the WS-Trust authentication type that is used by custom clients to connect to Dataverse is deprecated.
  • This change affects applications that utilize Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.OrganizationServiceProxy and Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector.CrmServiceClient classes for the authentication type of "Office365". 
Regional Discovery Service is deprecated
  • Until March 1, 2021, Microsoft will continue to provide support, security, and other critical updates for the regional Discovery Service, but won't release any additional functionality beyond what has already been announced.
  • After March 1, 2021, the regional Discovery Service won't be available. 
Some client APIs are deprecated
  • Deprecated Client API: ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx
  • Replacement Client API: None
  • Comments:
    • The ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx page is deprecated and scheduled to be unavailable after October 1, 2021.
    • Alternative methods to access global context information will be available before April 1, 2021. 
Reminder | For the full list on deprecation check out the

Updates & Releases
Manage Updates | General availability deployment
  • Check out Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Release Plans to learn more about new features to be released in the release waves.
  • After a release wave is generally available, all environments will be automatically turned on to receive mandatory updates which will enable the early access features and the general available features of a release.
Tips: Stay Informed with Message Center notifications for Dynamics and PowerApps HERE

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Release
For the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 release notes, visit Released Versions of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement
  • The Service Updates for Dynamics 365 online version 9.1 are now available in some regions and coming soon to others.
  • To determine which version your organization has applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online version number.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, then click About.
Service Update 21024 (9.2.21024 or higher) resolved issues including this list below and much more:
  • Platform Services
    • When creating a canvas app within a solution and viewing the dependencies in the solution, the canvas app was not listed as a dependency.
    • The “Call to” and “Call from” fields were empty in the Activity entity grid when used in offline mode. *
  • Accessibility
    • When creating a new record within a custom entity, the lookup menu did not contain a name label in the Unified Interface.
    • On iOS, in the Field Service mobile app, the accessibility screen reader did not read the name or purpose of navigation buttons. *
Service Update 21023 (9.2.21023 or higher) resolved issues including in this list below and much more:
  • Platform Services
    • When importing a contact record into a marketing campaign, the import remained in the "transform" stage. *
  • Unified Interface
    • New records created in the contact sub grid were not displayed in the sub grid. *
    • When creating a phone call activity, the activity description was not present in the timeline. *
    • The Notes tab in a Booking entity and Timeline tab of a work order continuously loaded. *

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-premises Updates
For the latest Service Updates for Dynamics 365 on-premise version 8.2 and 9.0, visit Service Updates
Cumulative updates available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0
Service Update 0.24 ( – January 2021) resolved issues including:
  • Repaired Functionality
    • Issue with the Audit Summary view filter not showing correctly.
    • White space display issue on editable sub-grid.
    • Unexpected error displaying cases on TimeLineWall.
    • Upgrade of BulkOperation Activities from v8

Portal Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Releases
For the latest Portal capabilities, visit Latest Portal capabilities  - Read the Potential Breaking Change section for awareness.
Version Check and Upgrade Information
  • To determine the version of a particular portal deployment, please reference to this KB #3166126.
  • For instructions on how to upgrade the solutions within Dynamics 365 when a newer version is available, please reference to this KB #3192042. 
Latest Portal Capabilities Update-
This release includes only an updated portal host and no solution package updates.
The portal host will automatically be updated to version by Microsoft.
To know the release schedule please check Office 365 message center for release schedule in your geographical region.
The latest Portal host Version 9.2.10.x resolves the following issues and more:
  • Related Record Filtering defined on lookups is not working correctly when a 1:n relationship is used to filter records.
  • Unable to search datetime field in dd/MM/yyyy format when using search functionality in entity list.
  • Month chart does not honor the sorted order defined in the chart for link entities

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Additional Information
PowerApps | January 2021 Updates recap for Microsoft PowerApps
Power Apps feature recap for the month of January 2021:
Go here to register to the next Power Apps Global Bootcamp session, where you can see demonstration of features being working on, that enables even better integration of Power BI and Power Automate.

Power Apps | New Search Experience and quick actions in Power Apps
  • We’ve released a new search experience in model-driven Power Apps that is fast, more accurate and more intelligent than ever.
  • It enhances productivity, makes information discovery easier and is an essential part of how customers navigate through model-driven Power Apps. 
  • With relevance search and 2021 release wave 1 preview enabled, you can try out all of these capabilities:
    • Search bar in the header
    • Suggested results, as you type
    • Results page that is easy to understand
    • Quick actions with search 
To find out more, check out this page on Power Apps blog

Power Apps | Use ‘Edit in Excel” in Dataverse for Teams
  • We announced the general availability of the Edit in Excel feature in Dataverse for Teams.  
  • This Dataverse feature is now available in Dataverse for Teams as an option from the ellipse menu in the Table designer.
  • This feature enables customers to move data both into Excel and edit it but also to add or change data and publish it back into Dataverse for Teams. 
  • Adding data into Dataverse for Teams is one of the more important and frequent feature requests we’ve gotten. 
  • You can use the Edit in Excel feature to do this. 
To learn more about this functionality, check out this page on Power Apps blog.

Power Automate | Automate document processing with Power Automate
Power Platform enables you to build a rich and robust document automation solution using:
  • Power Automate to orchestrate the overall process.
  • AI Builder to bring the Intelligence required to efficient extract information from documents.
  • Power Apps to allow users to manually review and approve documents.
  • Dataverse to manage the document queue and store all the data, files and configuration required.
We released the ‘document automation’ which provides this standard end-to-end solution and includes the following components:
  • Manage documents received in emails orchestrated by Power Automate,
  • Use AI Builder form processing solution to extract data from those documents,
  • Process the data extracted and allow users to review and approve data, through a central manual validation Power App.
To learn more about document automation, you can refer to this documentation page

Power Automate | 12 New Connectors Released in January 2021
  • We are pleased to welcome twelve new connectors to Power Automate in January 2021.
  • Check here to see what these new connectors can offer

Power Automate | Power Automate Desktop February 2021 Update
The February 2021 update of Power Automate Desktop has been released!
New features and updates have been added, it includes:
  • The ‘Run from here’ functionality is now available in the flow designer.
  • Various actions have been improved to be configured more intuitively.
  • Existing variables can now be selected and used as produced variables.
Learn more about the February 2021 Update here on Power Automate blog. 

Training Corner
Power Apps | Optimizing data migration – integration with Power Platform
Learning corner                                                                                              
This blog covers scenario where we need to move data (testing/building data migration/integration process), using ADF (Azure Data Factory) and how to optimize the data transfer. 
  • For instance, you can move millions of rows quickly; in addition, you have a daily integration that needs to move high number of rows in a very short time frame.  
  • You are able push some data BUT not fast enough. 
This blog will help explains the impact of different configurations such as batch size and parallelism level. 
For full details, on this page on Dynamics 365 Community blog.

Power Apps | Enhanced component properties
Learning corner                                                                                              
We’ve added two great new experimental features to formula based components:
  • Behavior properties.  You can now fire a custom event from the component to the hosting app.
    • Previously, you could only fire OnReset.
    • You can now, for example, fire your own OnChange event from a date picker component. 
  • Property parameters.  You can now pass parameters for a property evaluation, similar to how you would pass parameters to a parameterized query or function in other languages.   You can now, for example, define an output property MathUtils.RandBetween that does a calculation based on its parameters and is called like a function.
With property parameters, you can now create simple user defined functions with formulas! 
There are some limitations, such as output properties must be pure without side effects, but it shows the direction we are headed.
There will be more to come in the months ahead.
Read more details on this page to test the experimental features on Power Apps blog.

Dynamics 365 0n-premises | Set of Best practices for a Dynamics 365 on-premises deployment
Learning corner
Here us a list of good documentation and best guidance for a Dynamics 365 On-Premises deployment:


EP15: March 2021 Monthly Update (buzzsprout.com)