Data Files – CRM database autogrowth

Dynamics 365 CE database usually has 1 data file. If you didn't change the default configuration, is very probable you have the autogrowth by 1 MB and unlimited. If so, this number is very low and when the file reaches the size and needs to grow, the SQL Server needs to take a little time to increase more 1 MB - it means it will occur very often. In the other hand, let's suppose you have the autogrowth by 10,240 MB (10 GB) and unlimited. This number is very large and when the file reaches the size and needs to grow, the SQL Server can freeze for a while to take time to increase more 10 GB.

Let's take a look at the Autogrowth configuration:

According the picture above, we can have the following configuration set:


  • Enabled
    • File Growth
      • in Percent
      • in Megabytes
    • Maximum File Sile
      • Limited to (MB)
      • Unlimited
  • Disabled

If you enabled the autogrowth, you need to specify the metrics. You can set to grow in percent or in Megabytes. Also, you can set to grow until the limited value in MB or leave it unlimited (it means the file can grow until the total disk space capacity). Let's suppose you set your file growth in percent. In this case is pretty common to keep it increasing by 10 percent. It can be very quick if the size of your data file is up to 1 GB (it would increase ~100 MB). But if your data file has 1 TB, 10 percent will increate 100 GB and your SQL Server can be very busy until the file growth finishes.

Consider changing the configuration of SQL Server data files for MSCRM. One option may be to increase the maximum allocation size manually and disable automatic growth, to prevent SQL Server from taking time to increase 10 GB frequently. Obviously, it requires monitoring to avoid reaching the maximum disk allocation reserved for data files.


Senior Customer Engineer - Dynamics 365 - Microsoft - Brazil