Lately I’ve been working more with Power Automate, and one of the challenges I have found is that managing them has become very cumbersome.  With some stored in solutions, some in My Flows and some in Team Flows, finding the place where I left the flow I need to check, turn on, or turn off, has become a huge burden.  Usually, I end up with tons of tabs and different browsers open, and by the time I find the right flow I’ve more than likely forgotten what I was going to do with it. 

A helpful solution I discovered is that Canvas Apps now have a PowerAutomateManagement connector, allowing the management of flows stored in every possible nook and cranny of a tenant from one centralized location. 

The capabilities of the connector seem pretty extensive, with options for creating and updating flows, starting and stopping them, listing the connectors, connections, triggers, actions.  This is great, but what I really want is to just see them all in one place, and be able to open them from that single place.  Being able to turn them off and on is an added bonus. 

Feel free to import and reuse this package, located here.  First choose the environment dropdown to pick the environment you want to manage, on the right side of the screen.

The list you’ll be presented with should include flows in all solutions in the environment, flows outside of solutions that you own, and ones that are shared to you.  To open the management page for the flow click the Manage link on the left (if you’re in a GCC tenant checking the GCC box will use the right management url compared to public domain if its unchecked).  To stop a flow currently turned on, click Turn Off, to start a Flow currently turned off, click Turn On.

Hope this helps!