This blog was established as a way to provide transparency about issues impacting your use of CRM Online.  Our friends in the Office 365 team launched and continued to enhance the Service Health Dashboard (SHD), a place to see the health of all of your Office 365 services in one spot.  As CRM Online is integrated with Office 365, you can quickly get similar information we have posted on this blog in the SHD, plus even more information such as scheduled maintenance and readiness information for your CRM organization(s).   Therefore we have decided to discontinue this blog.


We encourage you to check out the Service Health Dashboard.  You’ll find it inside the Office 365  available by visiting the Office 365 portal.  Once logged in, click the blue button in the upper left corner that has 9 small squares on it, and then click Admin.  A menu should appear down the left hand side.  Click Service Health and you will be at the Service Health Dashboard.  If you have any questions, please contact Support, and we will see you over at the Office 365 portal!