Business Rules have been one of the greatest additions in Dynamics CRM, I just personally love them. Lately, there was a lot of feedback as to complex calculations were not possible using them.
I had a simple requirement where we just needed to do a very simple Percentage Calculation I.e. ProbableValue = (Est. Revenue * Probability) / 100. Previously this was being done in the JavaScript.

The idea to do this calculation in Business Rule is to divide the equation into multiple parts with each part containing only single operation, my case looks like below

Probable Value = Est. Revenue * Probability
Probable Value = Probable Value / 100

Hope you get the idea. This is how you should break your calculations and have only one operation per statement. It will also enable you to do any complex calculations as well. Possibilities are endless :)

See my Business Rule below
Business Rule CalculationBusiness Rule Calculation

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