Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 101

Recently, Ledgeview Partners presented a webinar on, “Dynamics 365/CRM 101”. Whether you’re learning the basics for the first time, or just need a refresher, the tips and tricks shared during the presentation are beneficial to most all, especially when it comes to navigating your Dynamics environments

When we think about Navigation Tips and Tricks specifically, we often think about efficiency, or, more so, what it means to be efficient.

By definition, efficient means: “achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.”

When we think about Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, the system not only tends to exemplify what it means to be efficient but how it helps us become more efficient in our day-to-day and “big picture” goals.

If you have ever found yourself asking the question, “Is there a faster or more efficient way to do this?” while navigating your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment, tips and tricks for Navigation are exactly what you need!

So, let’s get started by answering some common questions.

1. Where is my Navigation Menu?

Microsoft Dynamics Navigation Bar

Look at your black Navigation Bar in your Microsoft Dynamics system. It is present on every single screen in Dynamics.

The Dynamics 365 button you see is your home button, though many users think the dropdown arrow next to it is their Navigation. However, it’s not!

The Navigation button is adjacent to it, on the right. It may say, “Sales”, “Service”, “Customer Service”, etc.

When you click the dropdown menu next to that word, that is your Navigation.

Microsoft Dynamics Navigation Bar

After you click on the dropdown arrow, you will see a variety of options you can toggle between easily.

2. How do I see what I was working on most recently when I’ve forgotten?

Let’s say we want to move into Accounts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Then, when we click on Accounts, we realize we need to be away from our computer, whether it’s a Friday afternoon and you’re off for the weekend, are going home to take care of a sick child, have a doctor’s appointment, etc.

When you get back to your screen later, you may forget what you were working on – it happens to the best of us, right?

Not anymore! This simple Navigation trip will save you from memory loss again, and again.

Simply click on the dropdown arrow that is to the right of your “Accounts” Tab in your Navigation bar.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

A “Recently Viewed” list will appear. You will easily see the last thing you were working on when you left your computer, and be able to click on it.

Ta-da! It’s really that easy and is a huge time-saver.

3. How do I search for information on an account, contact, or opportunity? 

Microsoft Dynamics Global Search

Global Search is a favorite functionality of many users. Why? Its capabilities are user-friendly and, yes, efficient.

You don’t have everything in your CRM environment memorized. From the opportunities to contacts to accounts, Global Search helps you to browse your system and generate the best results.

Since your categorized search is set to “global”, you will see all matching entities that appear after you type in an account, contact, or opportunity name, for example.

So, in the screenshots you see in this post, the support consultant has searched for “City Power”, and generated results under a variety of categories that match the exact phrase in a field of the entity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Tips

“City Power” was a searchable field in the system for this support consultant.

However, if it was spelled differently in the system than the consultant searched, results may not generate. For example, if they wrote “Cit Power” by mistake.

4. What if I find no information when I search for an account, contact, or opportunity?

If the information is missing in your system, you can easily add it by clicking the “+” icon in the upper left corner of your Navigation Bar.

Dynamics 365 Tips and Tricks

We advise you to proceed with caution while adding information to your system. Every organization has a different process for creating leads, opportunities, etc.

It is always best to become aware of your organization’s processes before moving forward.

5. I need to check in on certain information daily – is there a way I can pin that information to my Navigation to save time and clicks?

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Navigation Tips and Tricks

Recently Viewed Items is another great feature of the system. You will realize a lot of efficiencies while using it.

These are especially useful for items that you want to constantly keep an eye on or check in with, such as if you have a big opportunity in your CRM system.

Otherwise, you might have to click many buttons, tabs, words, etc. to get there.

By clicking on “Recently Viewed Items”, you should be able to see what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, you can also pin these items to be sure they show up, whether you want to pin Active Accounts, Open Leads, Active Contacts, etc.

If you go in them on a daily basis, it’s best to pin them to save time and prevent over-clicking. Create a 2-click process instead of a 5-10 click process.

This is truly just the start of the efficiencies you will see while using Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

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