Author note: As you’ll notice with most of my blog posts, they tend to have a lot of information and are a bit long.  Instead of sacrificing content, I’ll break up the posts into a series for posts.  This way people don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of content but for those that want the deep technical details, they get that as well.  This intro will have the links for each of the tools we will discuss within the Email Router Demystified – Tools for Troubleshooting blog series.

During the troubleshooting portions of the Email Router Demystified blog series, we talked about a few tools but we didn’t really dig into how to use each one of them as it relates to the Email Router.  Some of these tools can be used in a greater scope than just the Email Router.  For instance, Fiddler is a web proxy debugger.  If you have worked with the support team at all, you’ll know that this is one of our favorite tools when it comes to troubleshooting various issues.  The scope of this discussion will be how can we use these tools as it relates to the Email Router.

The tools we will cover in this article are:

  1. Email Router Logging
  2. Fiddler/EWS Editor
  3. Message Analyzer/TELNET/OPEN SSL
  4. WCF Tracing

We are going to cover a few aspects as it relates to the tools. We will cover:

  1. How to install and configure the tool
  2. When you should use which tool for which situation.
  3. If a log is generated, we will cover how to analyze the log

Let’s go ahead and jump into these tools at this time.  To do so, simply click the link of the tool mentioned in the list above.  Each article is built on the other which means that we transition from the first one, Email Router Logging, and work our way to the last one.