Business Process Flows are role based process flows that guides user to navigate between entities as per the requirements. i.e. they guide users to have a step by step process divided in different stages and each stage contains different set of fields where user can enter data.

Business Process Flow can also be enhanced with branching using “If-Else Logic” and “Logical Expressions” (AND or OR) Operators. Also Branching Rule can only contain AND or OR Operator but not both operators together.


  1. Each Business Process Flow can contain no more than 30 stages.
  2. In Multi Entity Process, max 5 entities can be selected.

Below is the example which we tried implementing for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company to enhance their productivity with streamlined user experience. Here we created the Business Process Flow which guides user to create Inquiries, Sample Request Form, Document Request and Invoices based on different branching logic.


In the backend, for custom entities, Business Process needs to be enabled on Entity Level.

To enable Business Process Flow for certain users, it can be done as shown in below image.



  1. Marketing Team creates Inquiry (Opportunity) with required details and once it is created, Marketing Team proceeds to create Quotations for Products for the Inquiry was raised by clicking on Next Stage.

  2. Once Quotations are created, based on branching logic of whether Samples or Documents is needed, the stage alters.

  • So If Quote Accepted = Yes and Sample Required= Yes, the next stage is Sampling Stage.

  • Or if Quote Accepted= Yes and Sample Request = Yes and Document Request = Yes, the next stages are Sampling and Regulatory Stage.

  • Or if Quote Accepted = Yes and Document Request = Yes, then there is no Sampling Stage as the next stage.

  • So as seen above, we can see how based on different criteria and conditions the stages changes.
  • These conditions can be defined as per the user’s Business Logic.


Thus by using Business Process Flow we can guide user to navigate between different entities and complete the streamlined process and improve the productivity of the company.


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