The publicly available Dynamics 365 Roadmap is showing some interesting new features between Dynamics 365 and Cortana. This is an integration that we have always been looking forward to but have yet to materialise into a significant feature that differentiates Dynamics 365 over its competitors.

Microsoft is saying that they are taking their Cortana integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the next level by embedding your typical Dynamics 365 sales activities, your customers accounts and Dynamics 365 opportunities all of them into Cortana. This will allow Cortana to surface the most relevant to your organisation’s sales people at any time – across both personal and professional sources. So instead of going to run a report (even if it is a nice Power BI report), you could literally be asking your phone / mobile device Cortana app for your latest Sales figures or to show the latest Sales performance and activities.

Microsoft has highlighted that this feature will include the ability for Cortana to present:

Microsoft has stressed that all experiences are released globally per Cortana’s availability in English-speaking countries. Release for other Cortana supported languages will be done once translations are finalised.

More details and source can be found on the Dynamics Roadmap here:


Hope this helps!