Sometimes you just cant get a Project Manager to log into Dynamics to use PSA from day 1 as they are to busy managing projects to learn the new functionality, So here is a way to ease them into it. You can now connect Microsoft Project to Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.

The Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Add-in for Microsoft Project gives users the ability to manage their PSA project plans in the familiar project management tool, Microsoft Project. From within the Add-in, users can read and publish project plans to Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation with the click of a button. • Quickly and easily import project plans and project templates from PSA into Microsoft Project. • Publish project plans and templates to PSA. • Create project teams inside of PSA from Microsoft Project. • Find and assign PSA resources to project plans from within Microsoft Project.

1. You will need to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Add-in for Microsoft Project 

2. Once the download is complete you can run the installer and go through the standard installation (you may need local machine admin rights)

3. Load your Project up and have it ready for connection

4. There is no project in Dynamics at the moment

5. Now we want to connect to your Dynamics instance.

6. Now we are connected we can publish the project to PSA

7. Give the Project a name and select the Customer (If you tick the link Project Plan to Project option then you can only edit the project from MS Project)

8. Now back in Dynamics you will see the Project listed in the project view

9. If you go to the WBS on the project you will see it is all listed as per the MS Project File

10. We can now add any resources needed as Team Members

11. Back in Project lets schedule some of those resources

11. Now they are back in Dynamics after publishing from Project

12. As per normal PSA projects you can schedule them and complete Timesheets/Expenses

Thank to Charles Halford for some help with this