My customer needed to display different Work Order information on the Schedule Board Blocks.


With the Schedule Board becoming an integral part of Dynamics 365 (Field Service / Project Service) it seems a good time to show you how to edit the blocks displayed on the Schedule Board so that "At a Glance" a Project Manager can quickly see where his resources are located and what stage of the project they are on.

So for this, we have set up a few customizations on 2 entities

  • Created 2 Global Option Sets (Work Location/Project Stage).
  • Added both of these option sets to the Bookable Resource Booking & Resource Requirement Main Forms.
  • Updated the relationship between RR & BRB to map the option sets.

The next decision we have it whether to create a new Schedule Board or edit a Board currently within the system. I have chosen to work with a current board however you can create a new board yourself by selection the + Tab and configuring the Board to your own preference

As stated we are going to edit the current board - To do so you can either double click on the name of it on the top right or the Cog and then edit tab settings. We can now scroll down to "Schedule Types" and then select "Project" (this is what I am scheduling) You now have Booking Template - In here you will need to add your HTML which will be displayed on your block, This will be RelationshipName.FieldName - So my code would be 

Project: {msdyn_resourcerequirement_bookableresourcebooking_ResourceRequirement.msdyn_name}

Work Location: {msdyn_resourcerequirement_bookableresourcebooking_ResourceRequirement.s3_worklocation}

Project Phase: {msdyn_resourcerequirement_bookableresourcebooking_ResourceRequirement.s3_projectphase}

Now when we go back to the Schedule Board we will see this information displayed

You can have multiple schedule boards with different block information displayed so various parts of the business can see what is most relevant to them.

Thanks go to Jyoti Raju & Iain Connolly for helping me out with information for this blog.