Ok, So back on the tools for a few weeks and I am getting to play with the platform with some real-world scenarios.

Everyone knows I have OCD when it comes to form layout and lots of wasted space, we need to make the forms as user friendly as possible. 

With that in mind, the requirement I was looking at was to have about 8 subgrids on the contact and account form that brought back data from Out of the Box Dataflex Pro entities.....................

This is where the problem started, Parity will get there but for now it's not. 

I was going to use the Reference Panel in the Unified Interface of a model-driven app, however, there is no option to do so which meant that i needed to switch to the classic editor to add it in.

Maker Experience

Classic Editor

So I added the panel in and started to configure the entities that I needed.

This is where problem number 2 comes in. I was using Contact, Lead, Opp, Case & A Custom Entity and I thought it would be easy to just add the icon (SVG) to the panel and away I go! I was wrong as you cannot get access to the Out of the Box SVG icons as a Web Resource.

Cannot find OOB Ones

With a random SVG

I spend some google time and it brought nothing back on how to get the original SVG's and thanks to Daryl LaBar & Ulrik Carlsson I found out that I could open my Model-Driven app in Chrome and inspect the properties of the page to find out where the images are stored.

I found out where they are stored but still, we cannot access them as a web resource so I went down the route of saving the SVG files and uploading them into my solution using the trusty Iconator.

I popped back onto my form and edited the Icon lookup on the subgrids and I now have a clean system where the icons match and it's easy to identify your navigation.

I have also attached a Zip file which has some of the most used entities in SVG format for your convenience :-)