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Automatic Email Tracking Is Very Inconsistent

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SWQL asked a question on 9 Sep 2016 4:20 AM

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Our company likes to have every email tracked in dynamics CRM however not everyone's outlook client is tracking emails as they come in. We have a few which are tracking everything automatically within a minute of the email arriving in the mailbox which is great however this is not the case for everyone's workstation. I have made sure everyone who is using CRM with outlook is using the same settings as the working clients. Our workstations have a mixture of Office Home & Business 2010 and Office Pro Plus 2013. So far we have two workstatons with 2013 and one with 2010 which are working flawlessly. 

I was wondering if i'm missing something which could be different between the clients which is stopping them from tracking automatically?

Gerrit Twynstra responded on 13 Sep 2016 1:17 PM
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Four things come to mind:

1) For each user, check Personal Options-->Email-->Track    (this should be set to All Email Messages)

2) Run the CRM Diagnostics tool and ensure that the "Background Track Email" option is checked for each user.

3) Ensure the version of the Outlook CRM Client matches the CRM Server version.  (File-->CRM-->About....)

4) Run the CRM Diagnostics tool and delete the Temporary Microsoft CRM client files under the "Advanced Troubleshooting" tab. Then close and reopen Outlook.

As a check to ensure the configuration is correct, see if you can successfully track an email manually by clicking the "Track" button.  If you can't, then I'd try re-configuring the client.

SWQL responded on 14 Sep 2016 3:23 AM

Hi Gerrit,

Thanks for getting back to me. I've just tried these options on one of the clients which isn't working properly.

I was just wondering if you knew if all emails that are received should be tracking automatically or does it have rules on what it tracks?

Gerrit Twynstra responded on 14 Sep 2016 5:41 AM
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If the "Select the e-mail messages to track in Microsoft Dynamics CRM" is set to "All Email Messages" in the user's Personal Settings, then all incoming emails to the primary account in Outlook should be automatically promoted to CRM.  There are no other filters besides the four options listed in this field.

You haven't mentioned what version of Dynamics CRM you are using but either in the User record or the User's Mailbox record, ensure that the value for "Synchronization Method" for "Incoming Email" is consistent with the settings of the users who are working correctly.


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